There are certain things your parents tell or teach you
while growing up that always stick with you for one reason or another.  And trust me, my three sisters and myself have
heard it all!  Especially since we were
being raised in an uncommon household for that time and place: married
homeowners raising four girls in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of
Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn it was back then
was definitely not the Brooklyn people are flocking to today, and even still,
my parent’s kids did not fall victim to their environment.
Now, as an adult and parent, I’m now able to put into
perspective the things my parents taught us growing up.  Below are the ones that have personally
impacted me.
My Mom
One thing my mom always said to us, especially if we tried
running out of the house with our hair looking a mess, clothes not ironed
properly or beds not made, etc., that my sisters could surely attest to was
this phrase: “Have some pride and dignity about yourselves.” I’m honestly
laughing as I type this because as much as that phrase annoyed me back then, I
now understand it.  Yes, my mom didn’t
want us walking out of the house looking like ragamuffins, as if she and my dad
weren’t hard workers who took proper care of us. But, at the same token she
wanted us to grow up not only looking the part, but also believing in ourselves
and having self-respect so that we may be successful in life.
My Dad
My dad was a truck driver.  He was gone a lot, but whenever he had the
chance, and if our mother allowed us to go, he’d take us with him on some of
his trips. We’ve seen a lot of different states that way, riding along with him
on his huge 18-wheeler.  He’d show us how
to read maps, and pretend like he needed our help helping him find a location.  I guess you can say that’s where I got my
travel bug – from him.  My want to be on
the go, seeing new places.  Going on
these trips with my dad helped us bond as father and daughter, which helped me
understand how important it is for my daughter and my husband to have their
time.  At four, she definitely has her
father wrapped around her little fingers.
Now that I’ve shared a few things my parents have taught my
while growing up that has an impact on my life currently, I’d love to hear
about yours.

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