I attended The 411 Momma’s NYC Mommy Meetup this past Saturday.  It was a cool event that took place in my old hood in Brooklyn that featured a monologue by Dija Henry, and a blogger panel.  Of course, there was a swag bag given to the first 40 guest, and lucky me received one.  One of the items in the bag was Power Pasta.

What is Power Pasta?
Power Pasta is a gluten-free pasta using either red lentils or black beans. The pasta, per serving, packs 20+ grams of protein, and at least 13 grams of fiber (15 grams for the black beans).

How did I incorporate Power Pasta into my weeknight dinner?
Weekdays, I usually opt for simple meals.  I get home close to 7:00 p.m., and after a long day at work, cooking an elaborate meal is not an option.  The quickest, and easiest thing to cook is pasta. Then I remembered I had the Power Pasta Red Lentil Rotini pasta in my bag, so I decided to test it out. I apologize for not having a recipe. It was one of those nights where I just threw things in a pot and hoped it came out tasting good. Yup, my family were my test dummies.  Don’t worry, they loved it.

Power Pasta cooks the same as regular pasta, so I just boiled my water with a little kosher salt and olive oil until it was al dente.  One thing I noticed about the pasta once boiled, is the water seems more starchy than when using regular pasta. I then drained the pasta, and added it to a ground turkey, butternut squash and fresh broccoli tomato sauce I made, but it didn’t affect the flavor. Honestly, if you’ve tried whole wheat pasta, I think the flavor of the Red Lentil Power Pasta is better.

Of course, I added some Parmesan cheese on top when I served the Power Pasta dish. The combination of the pasta with the meat and veggies were filling, thanks to the protein.  And I liked that it was healthy, too.  Both my husband and myself enjoyed it. Mini me, not so much.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the meal I created with the Red Lentil Rotini Power Pasta.  The pasta doesn’t change the flavor of the food with which it’s cooked.  The Power Pasta is satiating, and is healthy. Plus, the added protein and fiber are a plus, too.  What more can you ask for?

If you’re in the market for a healthy, gluten-free pasta option with protein and fiber, I suggest checking it out!

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Disclosure: Product was provided for free as a gift to NYC Mommy Meet Up attendees.