Seventh Generation is campaigning for a Toxin-Free
Generation.  As dangerous substances are
found in Congress, Seventh Generation, The Toxin Freedom Fighters, and 120,000
Americans petitioned for reform of the 1976 Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).  After 38 years, it’s time to move towards
improving the regulatory controls of chemicals we’re exposed to.
Did you know?
  • By the time we’re born we’ve been exposed to nearly 300
  • Early exposure to toxic chemicals may lead to increased
    likelihood of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, along with other diseases and health

On Wednesday, April 30th, a press conference was
held on Capitol Hill to initiate conversation and awareness on the importance
of TSCA reform.  The press conference
included the Seventh Generation President and CEO John Reploge (masked); Kristi
Marsh, a mother of three, breast cancer survivor, and advocate; and David
Levine from the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC).  These individuals along with the Toxin Freedom
Fighters clad in their capes presented the 120,000 petitions to Congress and Senator Kristen Gillibrand of New York.
Results from tests on various surfaces, soils, and water in
the Capitol were presented to Congress. 
The results from the tests supported the need for TSCA reform, and
  • Heavy metals test results from within the halls of Congress
    itself proved that workers of Congress are exposed daily to toxic elements in
    their environment as a result of the outdated and ineffective regulatory
  • A first-time look at data that
    demonstrated the economic power of the environmentally responsible industry
    from the Companies for Safer Chemicals coalition member companies. 

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