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What is a phablet?
Not until I was provided the opportunity to review the ZTE Boost
MAX did I know what exactly a phablet is. 
A phablet is a mobile device that combines the functions of a smartphone
and tablet.  You can recognize phablets
by their large screens, which can range anywhere from 5” – 6.9”.  Phablets may also include software optimized
for a self-storing stylus to facilitate sketching, note-taking and

ZTE Boost MAX, iPhone 5C, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

About the Boost MAX
The Boost MAX boasts a 5.7-inch HD IPS display, and is
powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor which is then paired with 1GB of RAM
and 8GB of internal storage. The Boost Max is the only phablet, or smartphone,
currently available to come with SmartView, a technology that allows the
consumer to open and operate any two applications at the same time.  The Boost MAX measures in at 6.5 (H) x 3.25
(W) x 0.4 (D) inches and weighs in at 6.87 ounces.  It runs on the Boost Mobile 3G/4G LTE network running
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Other key features include:
•       Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 LE
(low-energy profile)
•       Long-lasting battery,
3200 mAh
•       Swype® for fast and easy
text entry
•       Services:
Boost Zone, Mobile ID, Google Mobile Apps

Lock Screen & Home Screen

The Boost MAX offers a sleek, clean look with a silver/chrome
and black casing.  It is surprising
sturdy if you take into consideration of the affordable $299 no contract pricing.  The phone does not look nor feel cheap.  And what I like best about the Boost MAX’s
look is that it is free of Boost Mobile branding.  I hate when companies plaster their brand on
The back of the ZTE Boost MAX has the  camera and flash in the upper left, speaker
towards the bottom, and the overall look has a dark gray border along the top
and bottom with silver through the middle.
The front of the ZTE Boost MAX showcases the earpiece and
front-facing camera up towards the top, along with three navigation buttons on
the bottom. 
The left side of the ZTE Boost MAX features the microSD card
slot, volume rocker, and micro USB for charging, while the right side has the
power and camera buttons.  A 3.5mm
headphone jack sits on the top, and it’s a lonely world for the microphone that
sits on the bottom of the device.

headphone jack

The selling point of the ZTE Boost MAX is the 5.7-inch HD
IPS display.  The Corning®  Gorilla®  Glass provides
a durable screen even my toddler can’t destroy. 
Compared to what I’m used to viewing on my iPhone 5C, the Boost MAX
display is just that – max! The display is huge, maximizing visibility needed
when watching movies, videos or even playing video games. Everything is crisp,
bright, and clear.  I have no complaints. 
The Boost MAX runs on a 4G LTE network, which means it runs
off of Sprint’s network.   Sprint’s
service in my area is a bit patchy; therefore, I had some issues with internet
connectivity when using the device.  On
the other hand, I had no issues making phone calls or with texting.  The speakerphone was my preferred method of
use since I just couldn’t come to terms with putting this device up to my
ear.  To me, it just looked and felt ridiculous,
but, my husband had no complaints.
Battery Life
The ZTE Boost MAX has a 3200mAh battery (optional Qi
charging with accessory) that offers great battery life even with multiple
applications running.  During the course
of me using the Boost MAX, I allowed my daughter to watch YouTube videos and
movies on Netflix for a few hours throughout the day, and I didn’t have the
charge the device for a few days or more. 
This property makes it great for long road trips.

When I purchase a mobile device, next to the battery life,
and size, I look for a good camera.   I
am a beauty blogger and mom [blogger], which means I have to take tons of
pictures of products I use, new buys, and of my kid and family, of course.  The ZTE Boost MAX is equipped with an 8MP
camera, and 1 MP front-facing camera. 
The photos and videos taken with the camera, both front and back facing
were just okay. 
The ZTE Boost MAX camera has options for regular image capture,
as well as HDR, Panorama, Low Light, and more. There is also a timer, the
ability to adjust white balance, ISO, and the  ability to add a grid to allow you to line up
shots when taking a photo. Similar to making setting related adjustments, you
can also quickly switch between still and video from an icon sitting on the
right hand side.

Being a Google device, the ZTE Boost includes the full line
of Google mobile apps including the Play Store. 
There’s also a selection of Boost-branded apps including Boost Music and
Boost Zone.  Some of the other
pre-installed apps included iHeartRadio, Kingsoft Office, Lumen Toolbar, Mobile
ID, Next Radio, Sound Tracking, and Dolby and Qualcomm Enhanced apps.
Oh, and one thing that disappointed me was that the ZTE
Boost MAX did not support the Optimum App that I use to watch my favorite T.V.
shows when my television is being hoarded by my kid or husband.
Final Thoughts
The ZTE Boost MAX is the second ZTE device I’ve reviewed (see here),
and overall, I think ZTE did a good job with the Boost MAX.  Although a large device, it is great for
watching videos and surfing the web.  Since
the device is so large, I don’t feel comfortable using it as a phone; however,
I didn’t mind sending texts from it. 
My husband loved the device’s features, and it fit well in
his hands.  I think the device, due to
its size is perfect for a man.  Parents
can keep their children busy while on the go with the wide array of educational
games available in the Google Play store.  
My daughter also loved the device to watch her favorite
YouTube videos.  The device, for her was
easy to use when compared to her trying to use the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.  The Boost MAX features a ‘START’ button to
press to unlock the device, which she was able to do on her own with ease.
Purchasing the Boost
The Boost Max is priced at $299 under Boost Mobile’s
contract-free pricing, and is available now at Boost Mobile’s
exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations
nationwide and at http://www.boostmobile.com/max with
free shipping.
The Boost MAX device can be paired with the Boost Mobile $55 Monthly
Unlimited plan, which also comes with Shrinking Payments, which means the
monthly price will drop by $5 for every six on-time payments with an eventual
drop to $40. For reference, this plan includes unlimited talk, text and web
with the first 2.5GB of data being at high-speed.
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