Just to recap (see last post), I was on 100 mg of Clomid (two 50 mg tablets taken in the evening), which produced three follicles on each side (left and right ovaries) for a total of six follicles; however, by the time I had my follicle scan only one of the follicles matured, and I was triggered the same day with an HCG shot.

Since most people ovulate 36-48 hours after being triggered, I had to go in the following morning for the IUI.  You’re probably wondering what that was like, right? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.
The day I was triggered, I was given what they call at my RE’s office an IUI goody bag that contained a sterile specimen cup, along with instructions and a consent form for my husband to sign allowing me to use his sperm.  Any sperm collected for IUI has to be produced 1 hour before it is taken to the lab for analysis.  The analysis took an hour, and returned showing we’d four times the preferred count of sperm needed for the procedure. The IUI itself took less than two-minutes; now that’s a quickie!
Source: San Diego Fertility Specialists
The IUI felt like a regular cervical exam except for the little pinch you feel from the catheter being inserted into your uterus.  It didn’t feel at all like a hysteroscopy, nor was it painful; it was just annoying and uncomfortable.  Also, I didn’t suffer any spotting afterward.  After the catheter was inserted, my doctor asked my husband if he wanted to “Do the honors” of inserting the “boys” in.  My husband declined, and this was after he asked the nurse if he would be able to do it. .:SMH:.  He said because the catheter looked like a needle.  I can’t. Anyway, after everything was in, I had to lie down for 10-minutes, and that was it. It was so easy.  We’d asked the doctor when we can BD again, he joked and said “As soon as you leave here, and every thirty minutes.” My husband thought it was funny, but my face was like WHAT?!?  And then the doctor said he was only joking, and that we should BD tonight and tomorrow, and everything else after is purely recreational, which is more realistic. It helps that my doctor has a good sense of humor, which makes this experience a little less emotional.
Now, the only thing is waiting to see if having the IUI was worth it.  Send me lots of sticky baby dust.