As a mom, a full-time working mom, and wife finding time to watch
television is not easy, especially when there’s only one television set in the
household – in the living room.  It isn’t
easy competing with Disney and Nick Jr. or ESPN, but it isn’t impossible for me
to catch some of my favorite T.V. shows, especially since I can watch them on
my iPhone using the Optimum App.  I have
a few favorite T.V. shows that I make time to watch during the week and on the
weekend, most of which are on the HGTV channel, but, instead of listing all of
my favorite T.V. shows from HGTV, I’m going to mix it up a bit.

1.   Property Brothers – HGTV

I think my television, when I can manage to get my mini me to give up an hour of Nick Jr. or Disney Jr., is fixed on the HGTV channel. I love most of the HGTV shows like Love it or List it, House Hunters, Income Property, and me and my husband’s favorite Property Brothers. I just love how the brothers are able to transform these horrible looking homes into gems, and they do it on both small and large budgets.

2.  Scandal – ABC

If you don’t like Scandal, that’s
good for you. Yes, the storylines can be way unrealistic, but who cares? It isn’t
reality. That’s the point of television. 
The highs and lows of the drama in Scandal draw me in.  I know most people’s favorite character is Oliva
Pope AKA Liv, but, I love Olivia’s father, Rowan!  You can catch me on twitter tweeting away @BeautynBumpNYC
on Thursday nights all of my “shock and awe” moments.

3. Homeland – Showtime

It took me a few times to
honestly get into Homeland, but, I’ve been hooked ever since. Carries character
is played by Claire Danes extremely well. 
Her strange love affair with Brody (Damian Lewis) , a war veteran who
returned from Afghanistan – who you don’t know if he’s been turned or not, is
what really pulled me in.  Now that Brody
is gone, I have no idea where this will lead. My husband has his theories, but,
I’m going to have to just wait until the new season begins to see where this is
going.  Hopefully, Homeland doesn’t leave
me pissed like the lackluster final season of Dexter.

4. The Walking Dead – AMC

I was a slow comer to The
Walking Dead, but I caught up on all 4 seasons within one week thanks to
Netflix and my DVR!  I’m so into this
zombie apocalypse, my husband thinks I’m crazy. 
I tease him and say I’d be prepared once it hits.  Sometimes I feel like I’m part of the group,
and get pissed off when someone makes poor decisions.  I live for Sundays at 9:00 p.m. just to see
how well everyone is surviving or has given up trying to survive during the
zombie apocalypse. In case you were wondering, Mischon, Darryl and Carol are my favorite characters. Did you watch last Sunday’s episode?  It was too much!

5. Resurrection – ABC

Resurrection on ABC is one of my
new favorite shows even though it’s only two episodes in.  What drew me in is the mystery behind these
people who were once dead returning.  No,
it isn’t another zombie show.  I wonder
if it’s aliens.  I honestly don’t know,
but it is weird and interesting.  I can’t
wait for the next episode. The only thing is this show conflicts with The
Walking Dead, so I usually watch it the next day on ABC Go.
Another favorite show of mine is
Once Upon a Time.  I also love to watch
Boardwalk Empire on HBO with the husband.
What are your favorite t.v. shows?