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Today marks the 3rd year my husband and I have
been a married couple.  Of course I can
say our marriage has been full of bliss, rainbows and unicorns, but no marriage
is.  Marriage is hard, and it takes work,
compromise, love and respect.   Marriage is marriage, and it is the best and
most challenging thing (next to being a mom) about my life that I love. 
Being with my husband has helped me to learn a lot about
myself, which has, in turn, allowed me to grow as a person and become a better
wife and mother.  My husband is one of my
biggest cheerleaders, if not, the biggest. 
He’s helped me through some of my darkest and most difficult times, and
I appreciate everything!

This year, we’re doing something over the weekend.  I will keep you posted on what happens.  Last anniversary he surprised me with brunch
at a local restaurant where he had gifts and everything setup prior.  This year, I did want to go away but, I did
not see anything that was affordable since our anniversary falls between
Christmas and the New Year.  Because of this, I mentioned
to my husband getting re-married so we can change our anniversary date.
Here’s to many more years of marriage …
  • Dreaming together
  • Loving each other and laughing together
  • Planning and building our lives together
  • Making memories together
  • Affirming our marriage and each other (Marriage Affirmations)
  • Praying together and for each other