In just a few hours 2013 will have come to a close, and 2014, the New
Year will be upon us.  I’m excited for
this.  I’m not going to say the corny, cliché
‘New Year, New Me’, but I do know that 2014 will be better because I’m putting
it out there.  Positive thinking!  I don’t do resolutions per se, but I do
believe in setting goals, hence my 30 Before 30 bucket list.  So I’m sharing with you my 2014 goals.
Blog Goals
I posted a list of blog goals on my other blog Makeup by Kim Porter
that can definitely transfer to this one, especially the following:
1. Create an editorial calendar
2.  Schedule posts ahead of time
3. Post at least 3-5 times per week
4. Increase my presence in the mom blogging community by commenting
more on other mom blogs etc.
5.  Increase my @BeautynBumpNYC
twitter followers to 1,000
6.  Interact more on twitter
7.  Increase Google+ followers
8.  Increase daily and monthly
9.  Guest post on other blogs
10. Increase Beautyandthebump Instagram followers to 1,000
Home Life Goals
11.  Organize my makeup
12.  Get rid of and donate old
13. Organize recipes into a binder
14. Meal plan for the week
15. Put to use this Pin for always having a clean home
16.  Spend more quality time
17. Take mini me to places she’s never visited (Botanical Garden’s,
some Museums etc)
18. Take at least one family vacation to a place we’ve never visited
before together
19. Find a church and go regularly
20. Continue Saving
21. Have a true budget and stick to it
22. Stay [credit card] debt-free
23. Continue working on my 30 Before 30 Bucket List items
24. Add more books to read
25.  Improve my relationship with
26. Live a healthier life (eat better, stay active etc)
27.  Make time for me even if it’s
just 30-minutes
28. Have a lunch or brunch date with a friend at least once per month
29. Hold onto my joy
30.  Visit my dad’s grave 
Love Life
31. Have a date night with my husband at least twice per month
32.  Work on goals together for
our marriage
33. Work on learning to be able to put the needs of my husband first more
and make our relationship a priority
34. Learn to relinquish control
35. Have a couple’s getaway at least once even if it’s just a weekend
36. Work on our vision board
I’m sure I can go on and on, but those are my 2014 goals.  What are yours? 
you set Resolutions or goals for the New Year?
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Kim S.
Kim is the do-it-all mom (and wife) who not only works full-time and is a freelance makeup artist, but also blogs about her love of family, travel, beauty and skincare. Now that she has a kindergartener, Kim has added Class Parent to her resume. These are all tough jobs, but somehow, she makes them look easy.
  • Philisha Mack

    I really like this post, I never thought about making a vision board for my relationship. I know that it would be beneficial in my future. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m working on doing more date nights outside the house with the Mr this year. Now following you on Google+.

    • I want to do a mixture of in-home dates and outside. I saw some cute ideas on pinterest.

  • I have a lot of the same blogging goals though, I got off to a bad start. I will definitely get better at it from here on out.

    I plan to pay off the rest of my credit card debt this year (I paid off a card last year. Yay), increase my 401(K) contributions to take full advantage of my company match, and be diligent about saving. Part of that means cooking more and eating out less.

    I’ve found a church that I like but I fell into the habit of live streaming instead of going. This year I plan to actually go and fellowship with other people.

    Finally, I have to make my bed every day.

    • Paying off your credit card debt is a great goal. Plus, once you’ve paid it off, it’s a great feeling.

      My husband loves CCC I am on the fence about it

  • Jai @ Mami’s Time Out

    I love it you have some great goals! I actually was able to organize and toss some makeup the past few weeks so if you need any help let me know! Also the guest posting part…you are totally welcome to guest post on my blog! Hope you can check more things off your list!

    • I need a good storage system. My daughter is into my makeup stuff, so I’d prefer something that locks lol how sad right?

  • ali

    I came across your blog from a comment you left on baby center! I noticed we have the same anniversary! My husband and I got married december 30, 2010 as well! I saw that on of your goals is to find a church, you should check at its an amazing church and sk family oriented! Good luck on your journey!

    • Thank you for stopping by. Happy belated anniversary. Thank you for suggesting a church. I just want to clarify that I’d prefer to find a non-denominational church similar to Christian Cultural Center or Brooklyn Tabernacle.