In August, my family and I will be heading on our biennial family cruise on the Carnival Dream.  We’re talking seven days with a 16-month-old, energetic little girl on a boat. Already, she is walking (sometimes trying to run) everywhere.  Imagine in two months’ time what she will be like?  I can’t even think about it. But maybe the cruise with her will be easy considering that we already have done a road trip from New York to South Carolina with her, but she was younger (about 6 months old), and less active. Plus, I have to figure out what to pack. Diapers are a no-brainer, and I don’t have to worry about milk or food, but as far as the baby gear category goes, I am lost!


What makes this hard is not only the fact that I am a new mom, but I am also an over-packer. I tend to pack things for those ‘just in case’ situations that almost never happen. Since we are now traveling with a baby, to avoid those crazy luggage fees, we have to pack light.


If It Can Be Purchased Local, It’s Staying Home

Due to the insanely inflated prices of items on cruise ships, I am packing enough diapers to last the duration of the cruise plus extra. There is a Walmart near the port, so my best option would probably be to pick up a pack of diapers and wipes there, instead of lugging it on the plane. I can also probably get some items shipped to the hotel where we are staying the night before we depart.

1. Toiletries
-Cara B Naturally baby products: Hair/Body wash, conditioner, lotion, moisturizing spray
-Burts Bee’s Talc-free Powder Powder
– Tooth gel & brush
– Baby-friendly, deet-free insect repellant

2. First-Aid Kit
Being at sea makes it even more vital to have a well-stocked first-aid kit. While there are over the counter items on sale aboard the ship, they will likely not have many (if any) toddler items.

Items should include:
-Band aids
-Nasal aspirator
-Tylenol (acetaminophen)  or Motrin
-Diaper rash cream or Aquaphor

3. Food Utensils
-Bottles/Sippy cups
Playtex Nurser Bottle Liners
– Extra Nipples
-Plastic spoons/forks
-Snack bowl
-Bibs (disposable ones because I doubt I will want to do laundry on the ship.  The hubby may.)

4. Cleaning Items/Sanitizer
Since we’re bring food utensils, bottles etc we’ll need to clean them so we will need:
Sponges/bottle brushes (pick-up locally)
Cleaning wipes
Hand sanitizer

5.  Bottled water 
Water is expensive on the ship.  The price you pay for a few bottles on the boat, you can easily pick up a 24 pack from a local store before boarding the ship.  Water is crucial to have when walking around the different islands, too.

6.  Water Safety Device
-Does anyone have suggestions for a 16 month old?
Floaties are for babies 30lbs and up, maybe by the time the trip comes, mini me will weigh that much.
7.  Snacks for the plane & day trips.  Mini me likes Plum Organics Super Puffs & Happy Baby Happyyogis

8. Breast pump

I haven’t decided if I will bring my Medela Harmony or my Pump In Style Advance.  Since the Harmony takes up less space, and I will only need expressed milk for those times when we need to slip away from mini me – I will probably end up bringing that.

9. Toys/Entertainment

There’s but so much running around mini me can do,  so we will need to bring a few of her favorite things to keep her entertained. She loves music, and her Leapfrog My Pal Violet.

Baby gear
1.Stroller & Accessories
Carnival charges $30 to rent their strollers, unaware of the condition, I may end up bringing my BabyJogger City Mini.
– Mosquito net
-bPlastic Rain Cover

2. Baby Carrier
Although mini me will ride in her stroller, she has her moments when she’s had enough & wants to be carried.  Right now, she’s half my size .:lol:. so carrying her sans baby carrier is just impractical.  The carrier is just convenient for me period, especially if she falls asleep.

Other Items I’ve considered, but will probably not bring
1.  Inflatable Pool
Carnival ships do not allow babies (un-potty trained ones) to get into any of their pools with diapers, even the swimmer diapers.  I was reading that some parents brought along inflatable pools so their kids can enjoy splashing around in the water.   Since most ships only have showers in the rooms, parents even used the inflatable pools to bathe their kids in.  It seems like a good idea, but do I really feel like lugging all of that crap?


What do you pack when traveling with your toddler(s)?