Weekend Recap – 1st Date night

Date night – need a do-over… Saturday evening the hubby and I had our 1st date night.  I had gotten him Sade concert tickets for Father’s day.  What a great wife I am, right? Seriously, I like Sade, but, I knew I couldn’t do 2-3 hours of hearing her music.  The plus for me was […] Read more…

Breast feeding is messy!

She’s hungry & tired… I’m tired lol I would have never thought doing something your body was meant to do can turn out to be so messy!  From the leaks, to the squirting everywhere or on people… it’s a mess! LOL If she doesn’t latch-on herself because she’s too tired or lazy I sometimes have […] Read more…

What a weekend: Yes, I went to Philly for French Toast!

This weekend was interesting. It started off fun then it turned into who knows what! I had a “craving” for stuffed French toast from Sabrina’s Café in Philadelphia. My husband decided to make a mini road trip out of it, so he invited my sister and her boyfriend. I later invited one of my best […] Read more…

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