Our next planned family vacation isn’t coming up until the
last quarter of the year, and we’re going to Abu Dhabi! Yes, we were one of the
lucky ones to secure the steeply discounted tickets via Etihad Airways to Abu
Dhabi, and we’re excited!

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are on both of our travel bucket lists,
and we thought bringing our soon-to-be four year old on this trip out of the
country would make for an excellent, educational and fun family vacation. 
Photo Courtesy Shangri-La Abu Dhabi
Our flights are lined up, and we’ve secured a hotel, which
is currently the five star hotel, Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri.  We chose this hotel based off of suggestions
from other people that it’s family-friendly. However, since our trip is so far
ahead, we still have time to change it.  I’ve also heard the Fairmont next door is quite kid-friendly as well.  If you have any suggestions on places to stay that are
kid/family-friendly, and have experienced traveling to Abu Dhabi with a toddler
please leave a comment.
Pool & beach view Shangri-La Abu Dhabi
Now, it’s time to figure out what to do with our four year
old for 6 days.  For the last couple of
months she’s been begging us to take her to the beach, and just a few days ago,
since the weather is warmer, she innocently asked, “Mommy, is it summer? I want
to go to the beach now.” Even she is over the cold and snow.  Of course, since our hotel is set on a
private beach, we will spend a lot of time chilling and catching some rays until she gets sick
of it, and wants to do something else.
I do want to visit one of the theme/water parks, but, I need to do more research on which one will be best for a child her age.  Oh, and she loves flowers, I think she got that from her grandmothers so the Miracle Garden in Dubai is on our list, too!
Other activities we have in mind to do with her while
visiting Abu Dhabi and Dubai include:

You can keep up with all of Beauty and the Bump Travels by searching the hashtag #BATBTravels. I’ll be sure to post updates on our plans the closer we get
to our Abu Dhabi/Dubai trip that include what to wear, what to pack, where to eat, and more. So stay tuned!

Have you visited Abu Dhabi or Dubai as a family? 
What was your experience?