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Representation in Play Matters

A baby doll is sometimes a child’s first bestie. They are a source of comfort and encourage imaginative play. Having black dolls help children feel a sense of inclusion and take pride in who they are. It also normalizes that not everyone looks the same. People come in all colors and have different hair.

Board Books Featuring Black Children that We Love Right Now

I grew up seeing very few toys and dolls that looked like me in stores. Now, when purchasing baby dolls for my daughters I don’t have to look too far. These days, toy manufacturers are making a conscious effort to be more inclusive by creating baby dolls with beautiful brown skin, and curly or coily hair. Dolls that look like my daughters and me. Representation matters, especially with the toys our children play with daily.

These Black dolls were spotted at this year’s Sweet Suite, and should be added to your gifting list ASAP!

HBCyoU 18" Black Dolls
Available November 1, 2022

HBCyoU 18″ Dolls

I didn’t attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) but I know many people who have gone and stated the experience is second to none. I loved seeing Purpose Toy’s 18” HBCyoU dolls at Sweet Suite 2022 not only because they’re Black dolls but because their mission aligns with the goals of HBCUs. HBCyoU dolls’ purpose is to inspire and encourage children of color to dream big, work hard, and achieve their goals by introducing the concept of higher education through play.  These dolls represent the values and tradition of HBCUs and create characters with interests and aspirations that expose girls to their unlimited potential.

MSRP: $34.99 | Ages: 3+ | Pre-order now on Amazon

Naturalista Dolls
Credit: The Toy Insider/William Thomas Photography

Naturalistas Fashion Dolls

The days of only seeing sleek-haired dolls are over. Naturalistas Fashion Dolls have changed the game, introducing a sleek line of contemporary natural-hair fashion dolls. They were created to uplift and encourage children of color with naturally textured hair through representation. The dolls showcase the beauty and uniqueness of black hair. Each doll has unique facial features and showcases a range of backgrounds and interests that represent the modern African American experience. Additionally, the dolls can pose in various ways thanks to their 5 points of articulation.

MSRP: $12.99 – $24.99 | Ages: 3+ | Walmart and Amazon


That Girl Lay Lay Singing Doll

I only know about That Girl Lay Lay from my 11-year-old daughter who finds Lay Lay amusing. For parents who aren’t aware of this teen hip-hop sensation, ask your kids or do a quick YouTube search. The Singing Doll is going to be on Lay Lay fan’s wishlists this holiday season for sure! It has everything they need to put more “style” into freestyle like a Lay Lay-inspired outfit from her Nickelodeon show: a tiara, sparkly silver shirt, black skirt, socks, shoes, and carries a purple microphone.

MSRP: $20.99 | Age: 6+ | Walmart and Amazon


That Girl Lay Lay Fresh Fashion Wardrobe

If you’re buying the 11” Lay Lay Doll, might as well keep her as fresh as the original with That Girl Lay Lay Fresh Fashion Wardrobe, as they are interchangeable. The 11” doll that comes with this set includes a colorful jacket, T-shirt, skirt, knee socks, and boots, and more. They can style Lay lay’s hair into cute poofs just like their own and use the included accessories.

MSRP: $34.99 | Age: 6+ | Walmart and Amazon

The Fresh Dolls Rock The Bells Collection Black Dolls for Girls
Credit: The Toy Insider/William Thomas Photography

The Fresh Dolls

The World of Epi is the leading multicultural doll and toy manufacturer founded by Dr. Lisa Williams. Her goal was to provide Black children a lens through which they could see the beauty and brilliance of who they are.  Dr. Lisa doe this through proprietary brands like The Fresh Dolls. The dolls celebrate the beauty of being Black through their true-to-life characteristics like beautiful full lips, skin tones, and hair textures and style.

The Fresh Dolls Rock the Bells
Available Fall 2022

At Sweet Suite 2022, The World of EPI unveiled a new licensed partnership with LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells, which is a global lifestyle platform elevating Hip-Hop culture. The collection will feature hip-hop-themed collectible dolls, dressed in iconic fashions.

The dolls will be available in Fall 2022 at Walmart.

You can shop other EPI collections, like Positively Perfect Dolls, and the Disney+ series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder that feature Black dolls below.


Netflix’s Karma’s World

Karma’s World fans will enjoy having mini Karma dolls and her friends. If you’re not already familiar with Karma, she’s a secondary school scholar and talented poet. Karma and her friends fight for what’s right and stand up for their beliefs. Let’s just say, they get themselves into “good trouble”. The series was started by renowned hip-hop artist, producer, and actor, Ludacris, as he wanted to create more positive representations of Black children in pop culture. Karma, the lead character was inspired by his daughter Karma Bridges.

With prices ranging from $12.99 to $44.99, Mattel’s Karma’s World collection launched on July 17th to coincide with the premiere of the 3rd season. Additional toys will be released on October 22nd, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The below toys will be available for purchase on, Amazon, and

1. Karma’s World Core Fashion Doll Assortment
Includes Karma, Winston, and Switch.
MSRP: $12.99 | Age: 3Y+

2. Karma’s World Singing Star Karma Doll
MSRP: $24.99 | Age: 3Y+

3. Karma’s World Doll And Music Studio Playset
MSRP: $29.99 | Age: 3Y+

4. Karma’s World Doll And Bedroom To Stage Playset
MSRP: $44.99 | Age: 3Y+ | Available October 22

5. Karma’s World Styling Head Accessory
MSRP: $29.99 | Age: 6Y+


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