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Would you consider yourself a foodie? If you love trying new dishes and are always up to taste something new and different, you need this Signature Food and Drinks to Try in All 50 States Printable. The printable includes a list of flavorful dishes worth trying while exploring different places across the country. Be sure to bring this printable and the other one that provides a list of things to do in each of the 50 states. You’ll never run out of things to do or foods to try with your loved ones when you have both printables with you. Some of our favorites are pecan pie, shrimp, and grits in South Carolina style since my parents are from there. Also, our other faves like Lobster Roll, Po’Boys, Cheesesteaks, and Ceviche – you just can’t go wrong! 

Signature foods and drinks in 50 states to try on your next family road trip.

Enjoy a Little Taste of Every State

Some flavorful foods are very state-specific if you didn’t already know. What you find in one state, you might not find in another, which makes the idea of using this printable even more fun. If you love trying new foods and aren’t afraid to taste things that you’ve never tried before, you can have a lot of fun visiting different restaurants and trying the fresh, flavorful meals they provide.

Shrimp and grits New Orleans

There are so many good foods worth trying in different places across the country, and this printable covers some of the best that each state has to offer. Some of our favorites from this list include Pecan Pie, Lobster Roll, Cheesesteaks, Ceviche, Po’Boys, and Shrimp and Grits. Of course, we love the South Carolina version of shrimp and grits since my parents are from there. These foods are full of flavor and absolutely unforgettable, making them worth a visit to the places that offer them!


The Benefits of the Signature Food and Drinks Printable

When traveling to all these exciting places across the country, you’re probably looking forward to visiting different attractions and making memories. But, of course, you’ll also need to stop at various places to grab food throughout the journey. So, instead of wasting time visiting the typical chain restaurants that all serve the same foods, you can visit local eateries for some of the best food you’ve ever tasted. When you use this printable, you can:

  • Try things you may have never thought of putting together at home
  • Enjoy a variety of flavorful dishes
  • Experience the culture and history in some of the different foods you’ll try
  • Learn more about these foods and how they became such a big thing in certain states

Once you’ve completed your road trip adventure and have used this printable throughout the journey to grab flavorful food at different places, you’ll have an entirely new perspective of food from around the country and may even be inspired enough to make some of these dishes when you get back home. While some are harder than others to make, you’ll have a better idea of the ingredients you need to use to prepare the most amazing meals right at home that will always remind you of such an enjoyable adventure.


How to Use the Printable When Traveling

Laminate this printable or put it in a binder with any other printables you’re bringing with you, such as the one featuring different things to do in all 50 states. Once you have it, make sure everyone takes a good look at it and chooses at least one or two of the foods they’d like to try while on the adventure. You want to get everyone involved in choosing a food to make it more exciting and fair for all. Once you’ve each picked at least one food, you can begin heading over to that area to try something, marking it off your list as you make your way to different states in the country.


How do I choose from all these food options?

Choosing which foods you’d like to try while you’re visiting different states may seem like a challenge. The good news is that you’ll have plenty of time to think about what you’d like to taste while you’re on the road. You can also look up videos of these different foods to see how they’re commonly made and what goes into them, which can also help you decide on which foods to try.

Which foods are the absolute best to try with family? 

You can try any of these delicious foods with your family. It all depends on your preferences and the preferences of those traveling with you, such as your partner and children. If you’re looking for recommendations, I’d say try the Ice Cream Potato in Idaho, Cheesesteak in Pennsylvania, and the Gooey Butter Cake in Missouri. Think about what you’re in the mood to eat, whether you’d like something savory and comforting or something sweet to enjoy as a treat.

Which restaurants are worth visiting for some of these delicious meals?

While you’re traveling throughout the 50 states, you’ll come across hundreds of restaurants serving all kinds of flavorful food. If you’re not sure if a restaurant is worth visiting, consider checking the reviews for it online to see what others are saying. The best way to ensure you’re having the best experience and enjoying delicious food made with love is to visit a top-rated restaurant with plenty of reviews containing feedback from others who’ve visited these hot spots. As a tourist, you can also ask some of the locals for suggestions based on the places they like to visit to grab a bite to eat.

Caracol Houston Baja Ceviche

Try Tasty Food and Drinks in All 50 States

Channel your inner foodie and have the time of your life with the family while on a road trip adventure. Use this Signature Food and Drinks to Try in All 50 States printable to your advantage to decide on different foods to eat in each of the different states you visit. With dozens of fantastic foods to try and hundreds of restaurants in each state, you won’t run out of great places to visit for a bite to eat and a flavorful drink to have with it. Use the printable as your guide to finding the next delicious thing to try on your list!

Signature Foods and Drinks to Try in All 50 States