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I was just 12 years old when Blue’s Clues and You made its debut. You may think that at that age, I wasn’t watching but as a young aunt, watching my nieces and nephews, I grew to love Steve and Blue. I’m sure many of you are Blue’s Clues and You fans too. With the anniversary of Blue’s Clues and the nostalgic fun it brings for adults and children who now watch, there are so many fun ways to play with Blue at home now! From imagination, art, music, and reading you will be searching for clues and solving problems in no time. If problem-solving isn’t what your kids really love about the Blue’s Clues characters, they are still sure to love all these engaging Blue’s Clues toys for kids that will make it to the top of any wish list.

15 Engaging Blue’s Clues and You Toys That Make the Perfect Gift

Blue's Clues & You is a household favorite among little ones. They'll enjoy playing with any of these Blue's Clues & You toys on this list.

Melissa & Doug Blue’s Clues & You Water Wow Activity Mat

This activity mat is perfect for on-the-go fun. Kids can reveal pictures with water on the Blue’s Clues & You! fold-out Water WOW! mat with attached storage pouch.

Age: 3 to 5-years-old

BUY NOW: $16.49 on AMAZON


Blue’s Clues & You 81-Piece Jumbo Blocks Box Set

Build and create with Blue and this 81-piece block set featuring a Blue figure from the show Blue’s Clues and You! What’s cool about this set is that the storage lid can be used to build on top of it.

Age: 25 months – 5 years old


Travel Magna Doodle Drawing Toy

Kids can draw Blue and their favorite show characters like Magenta, MailBox, and use the included magnetic stamps to add extra fun shapes to their drawing. Magna Doodle magnetic board is super light (less than 2 pounds) making it a great activity for road trips.

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $12.64 on AMAZON

Blue’s Snack Match Game

I loved matching games as a kid. I’m sure Blue’s Clues-loving kids will enjoy this one. Players take turns making matches between the refrigerator and their lunchbox. If, on your turn, a snack in your lunchbox matches what’s displayed, place a token on the item! With rules following the unique structure of the show, players learn valuable skills like reasoning and matching.

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $12.01 on AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic Picture Game

This set includes 43 wooden magnetic characters and items, background scene cards, and scene suggestion cards to encourage fine motor skills, matching, and storytelling skills. Kids slide a background card on the playboard, then use wooden magnets to match the Blue’s Clues & You! scene suggestions, or create their own stories with the magnets.

Age: 3 to 5-years-old

BUY NOW: $16.49

Blue’s Clues & You! Present Store Cash Register

Step by step and clue by clue – it’s Blue’s Clues & You! Kids will love playing store with the Blue’s Clues & You! Present Store Cash Register! This toy cash register has so many fun and realistic features, it even looks just like the one on Nickelodeon’s hit preschool show, Blue’s Clues & You! Kids can pick a special gift from the Present Store and bring it to the cash register for a fun check-out! Your kids will enjoy pressing the buttons on the real calculator to give the shopper their total and then ring them up with the pretend Blue Dollars and credit card.

Age: 36 months – 8 years-old

BUY NOW: $19.97 on AMAZON

Singalong Boombox

This kids boombox with a microphone makes it easy for kids to sing along to the built-in music from Blue’s Clues, or connect their MP3 device and perform with their own music collection. This Blues Clues toy features kid-friendly, easy-to-use buttons, too.

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $29.99 on AMAZON

Color Wonder Activity Pad

This set features 16 Color Wonder Coloring and Activity Pages (5″ x 7″), 3 Pip-Squeaks No Mess Markers, as well as reusable Marker Storage. Kids can use their imaginations to join their favorite characters on another adventure and watch as colors magically appear on Blues Clues Coloring Pages!

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $5.99 on AMAZON

Play Day with Blue! Sound Book

What does Blue want to do today? Come play Blue’s Clues to find out! Press 7 buttons to hear this sweet story come to life! Matching words with pictures and sounds enhance reading comprehension, and connecting with favorite characters engages young readers at storytime.

Age: 1 – 3 years old

BUY NOW: $9.72 on AMAZON

Skidoo into ABC’s Book

Blue’s Clues and You-loving kids can pretend to skidoo to the farm, the present store, and even a haunted house just like in the show Blue’s Clues and You! They’ll enjoy the light-up buttons that introduce preschoolers to letter names, letter sounds, and the names of things in a variety of places Blue can visit.

Age: 24 months – 5-years-old

BUY NOW: $19.59 on AMAZON

Blue into Words

This book allows kids to help Josh look for Blue’s Clues around their house to figure out what book Blue wants to read 10 brightly colored pages to find clues and play with Magenta, the Shaker Family, Tickety Tock, Shovel, Pail, and Mailbox along the way.

Age: 36 months – 5-years-old

BUY NOW: $15.50 on AMAZON

Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook

This educational Blue’s Clues and You-themed toy will help your child learn through pretend play with the Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook, just like the one in the show. It has light-up app icons introduce toddlers and preschoolers to colors, counting, shapes, weather, health, and hygiene.

Age: 2+

BUY NOW: $9.00 on AMAZON

Sing-A-long Guitar

Step by step and clue by clue – it’s Blue’s Clues & You! Kids can sing and groove to great songs from Blue’s Clues & You! with the Blue’s Clues & You! Sing-A-long Guitar.

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $19.99 on AMAZON

Musical Drum Set

Musical Drum Set includes drum and two drumsticks, Blue clacker, Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper shakers, Tickety tambourine, and a Handy Dandy Notebook washboard.

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $19.97 on AMAZON


Interactive Peek-A-Boo Magenta Plush

Kids will love playing peek-a-boo with their plush Peek-A-Boo Magenta. Squeeze Magenta’s belly and she barks and plays Peek-A-Boo.

Age: 3+

BUY NOW: $24.84 on AMAZON

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