When traveling with a family, finding lodging can be a little overwhelming. For some families, the challenge is finding a large enough space. While for others it boils down to budget limitations. The good news is there are a lot of options for making sure all your needs (and wants) are met. Keep reading to see my best lodging suggestions when traveling as a family.

Best Lodging Suggestions When Traveling as a Family

A view of an Airbnb option for traveling families.

Airbnb, VRBO, and Apartment Rentals

One of the most well-known options for larger families is a house or apartment rental. Airbnb and VRBO are two online companies that make finding and renting these spaces easy. You can search and find locations in just about any place across the world. A few things to pay attention to when booking: 

  • Be mindful of any additional costs like cleaning and service fees, taxes, etc. 
  • Is it a private rental or a shared rental? You may be fine with either but it’s always best to know in advance. 
  • Where is it located exactly and how far will you be from where you want to spend your time.
  • If you plan to cook many of your meals, what is the kitchen and cooking situation like?
  • Will the property be a full home, apartment, duplex, bungalow, etc?

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This is especially a good option if you’re planning to spend a longer period of time in a place. It will give you a good base with a much more comfortable stay than what a hotel would typically provide. Usually, the longer you opt to rent a space, the larger the per night discount the owner is willing to extend. 


Workaway has a focus on cultural exchanges, working holidays, and volunteering. The premise is simple. People can list opportunities like farm stays, childminding, and a wide range of other options. It can be a little hard to filter on the site to find opportunities that are aimed specifically at families; however, they are there. 

With this type of opportunity, you are doing an exchange. So it might mean that you are helping with farm chores in exchange for your stay. Meals are also sometimes included. If this idea appeals to you, it is important to take time to review the opportunity so that you understand how much free time you’ll have for your own activities vs. what is expected of you. 

For families who are traveling long-term or are really looking for an immersive experience, a Workaway opportunity could be perfect!

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House sitting

Trusted Housesitters

Similar to Workaway, this is an exchange type of accommodation. In exchange for taking care of animals or watching over someone’s home, you are given permission to live in the space. Think of it as a house swap but you don’t have to swap your own home!

There are both house sits and pet sits available. As with Workaway, you are able to filter and see exactly what the requirements and requests are as well as communicate in advance to ensure the opportunity is right for everyone. 

A family camping.


Has your family considered camping as an option for accommodations while on the road? Whether you’re adventurous and happy to pitch a tent or you need something a bit less rustic and would rather opt-in for a cabin rental, there are a lot of options! 

Websites like KOA America and Campendium will help you find campsites that are available. Checking out a site like Glampinghub is a perfect option for those families who want something more unique – think treehouse camping or a luxury tenting experience. 

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Plan on taking a long and adventurous road trip? Adding camping to your itinerary could be both exciting and help cost-cutting.

Traditional Hotels

Even though it can end up being a bit more costly, sometimes booking a regular hotel is really the way to go. If you’re in need of a short-term stay situation it can sometimes work out easier to simply book a regular hotel. 

If you have a larger family and one room isn’t enough space, book an adjoining room or rooms across the hall from each other so you can spread out. Sometimes you can even get a bit of a discount when booking two rooms together simply by asking. 

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Traveling as a family doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the best lodging suggestions mentioned above to take the guesswork out of where you’ll be staying on your next family vacation. In the meantime, let me know some of your lodging suggestions when traveling with your family!