We are in a pandemic. Movie theaters are closed. Social distancing rules – and the nice summer weather – make now the best time for a drive-in movie. Week #7 camp activity will be a cute take on drive-in movies so campers and their families can enjoy Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry!

I’m going to be honest I’ve never been to a drive-in movie. I’ve fantasized about how fun it would be to pile in the car with my family stocked with our favorite snacks and drinks. Windows rolled down, taking in the summer air while enjoying a family movie. These days, drive-in movie theaters are slim pickings, but, with this activity can enjoy watching Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry! in your home or even your backyard under the stars. All you need is a box, glue, scissors, and your imagination.

Summer virtual Camp Warner Bros. Week #7 we are making DIY drive-in movie cars using boxes! It's a great outdoor family activity. #campwarnerbros

Create a fun drive-in movie experience for your kids with these easy and inexpensive DIY Drive-in Movie Car using a cardboard box! This DIY drive-in movie car is easy to customize to each child’s preference. I am sure campers will love to play in these cars for weeks to come! 

Once your car is completed – the family can all sit back, relax, and get nostalgic while watching America’s favorite cat and mouse duo as they race around the world in Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry!

About Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry

Tom and Jerry enter an extreme car race competition called the “Super Race” in order to win the grand prize of a beautiful, dream mansion! Driving suped-up hot rods that can adapt to any environment (land, sea, or air), they compete in this wild race around the world, encountering famous landmarks along the way and leaving chaos in their wake. 

Tom & Jerry Movie: The Fast & The Furry is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray™ & DVD.

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