I have always wondered if spending just a few days in a destination is enough to learn the history, get a feel for the culture, and enjoy my time. After being in San Antonio for two days, I realized that it is possible. During my time there, I got to learn a bit of San Antonio’s history, stay along the Riverwalk, visit the Alamo, and more. Here are some things to do in San Antonio in two days.

The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk, next to The Alamo Mission is one of San Antonio’s most renowned attractions. Being around for nearly 80 years, this 15-mile long promenade offers visitors access to restaurants and bars, hotels, and boutiques. Although during the time I visited, the weather was too cold to walk outside, and it didn’t help that I came unprepared without the proper clothing. Listen, I packed for warm weather. I did not expect freezing temps in Texas!

The San Antonio Riverwalk is steps outside of Hotel Contessa.
The Riverwalk is beautiful in the evening. I can imagine taking a late night stroll with my husband and daughter.

The Alamo Mission

Visiting The Alamo Mission or The Alamo as most people like to call it, is not something you want to miss when visiting San Antonio for two days. The Alamo is the compound, where, in 1836 a historic 13-day battle took place that shaped the face of San Antonio’s history as we know it. Although I didn’t get to get inside to tour the site because it was closed, I did, however, snap a few pics of it.

The Alamo San Antonio is a must-see when visiting San Antonio
The Alamo is perfect for visiting during a two day visit. It’s not as big as you think.
Making it easy to walk through. The Alamo lacked a roof and even the most basic defense structures.

I love that The Alamo, due to its central location in town, is just a 5 to 10-minute walk from most hotels. It was about 5-minutes from Hotel Contessa, where I was staying. And it is close to shops, as well as provides access to City Sightseeing San Antonio where I could hop on a bus to get access to historical sights and other things to do.

City Sightseeing San Antonio

By now you should know that I swear by hop-on, hop-off bus tours. They are truly the perfect way to see a city when you are short on time. Thankfully, after our short visit to The Alamo, there was a bus right there waiting for me to board. While riding the City Sightseeing bus, I was able to learn cool historical facts about San Antonio like no building can cast a shadow on the Alamo. Did you know that?

The St. Anthony Hotel was the first hotel in the world to offer central-air conditioning.

There’s a Groupon for a discounted rate that gives you access to the following:

  • San Antonio Riverwalk Cruise
  • Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour
  • Tour of Tower of the Americas
Pearl Brewing Company San Antonio seen from the City Sightseeing San Antonio bus
While on the City Sightseeing bus, I saw what was formerly Pearl Brewing Company, which was established in 1883. It is now a mixed-use space featuring restaurants and shopping.

San Antonio Dining

San Antonio has so many restaurants from Mexican to BBQ. I mean, Texas is known for its BBQ, but this time around I didn’t indulge in any BBQ since I became a pescatarian. I did, however, during my two days in San Antonio, enjoy good food. You know me, I’m all about good food. I will even travel for it. While in San Antonio for two days, I ate at the following places:

Zinc Bistro & Bar – After a late flight, our uber getting a flat, this was the only restaurant open after 10:00 PM. Zinc Bistro is a nice wine bar, that was just a 1-minute walk from the hotel. They served specialty cocktails and margaritas – both frozen and on the rocks. I got a prickly pear margarita both ways and truffle fries. Both were yummy!

After a late flight, our uber getting a flat, this was the only restaurant open after 10:00 PM. Zinc Bistro is a nice wine bar, that was just a 1-minute walk from the hotel.

Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina – Who doesn’t love Mexican food? I know I do. Rosario’s was highly recommended by the City Sightseeing bus tour driver and our Uber driver and touted as the best Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. I will say that this is more Tex-Mex rather than Mexican, and the food was just okay.

Rosario's Mexican Cafe Y Cantina in San Antonio is touted as the best Mexican restaurant in the area

When you’re in a new city for a few days, how do you like to spend your time?

Travel Guide: Things to do in San Antonio in Two Days

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