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The Northeast was just hit with its first snow storm of 2018. This was not just any snow storm, meteorologists called is a bomb cyclone. Needless to say, a lot of us were indoors keeping warm until the storm blew over. To ensure winter days indoors is cozy, relaxing and fun during the winter months there are a few must-have items we swear by and recommend. Keep reading to find out our top picks of Must-Have to Have a Cozy Winter Day Indoors.

Must-Haves to Have a Cozy Winter Day Indoors

Warm Blanket

Snuggling up under a soft and warm blanket is a must for me on any cold winter day or evening. I especially love it when we have the fire going in the fireplace, it sets the mood for complete relaxation and keeping warm.

Cozy Socks

Got cold feet? Put on some soft and cozy socks to keep your feet warm this winter. One thing I hate more than anything is for my feet to be cold. I have a few pairs of socks that I break out during the winter months that are super soft and comfy.

Good Reads

A cozy winter day indoors is a good time to snuggle under a blanket in your comfy PJs to catch up on reading that book you have been meaning to finish. Below are some suggestions.

Adult picks:

Children’s picks:


A cozy winter day indoors does not have to be boring. Spend the time playing family-friendly games like Utter Nonsense, Mouse Trap, or Perfection.

Warm Beverage

There’s nothing like a nice warm cup of tea on a cold winter day. Lately, we have been sipping on coffee leaf teas from Wize Monkey Tea.  My personal favorite is the ginger lemon tea, which is perfect for this time of year when we are fighting and trying to prevent things like the cold and flu. The tea is a blend of dried ginger, lemon peels, and lemon extract, all of which have immune system-boosting properties.  Coffee Leaf Tea in itself is full of antioxidants like antioxidants like mangiferin and chlorogenic acids. Plus, the tea just tastes good!

Wize Monkey Ginger Lemon Tea

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