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Take a trip 90 million years back in time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth by spending a day at Field Station Dinosaurs at its new location at Overpeck County Park. That is what my sister and I did recently with our kids. We spent the day learning about these prehistoric animals, along with other creepy crawlies like snakes, leopard geckos, and hissing cockroaches.

The outdoor dinosaur amusement park showcases over 30 life-size animatronic dinosaurs, 40 live shows, games, and workshops filled with hands-on fun.  Of the many workshops, my daughter and nephew enjoyed the “What Color is Your Dinosaur?” show where they hypothesized about the color and texture of dinosaur skin, as well as what the prehistoric animals did to protect it. The resident “paleo-Picasso”, Joe, also stated that scientists only guessed what color dinosaurs were so the kids could make the dinosaurs they were drawing any color they liked.

Field Station Dinosaurs What Color is Your Dinosaur

At theHey Ho Daddy amphitheater show we were able to see and touch dinosaur skulls and real fossils like a dinosaur egg!

The animatronic dinosaurs at Field Station Dinosaurs were very life-like, massive in size with the vocals to match, and surprisingly, the kids were not scared. My sister and I got to see some of our favorite dinosaurs, too. She loves the triceratops and I’ve always loved the Brachiosaurus.

We had a great time learning about these creatures, both big and small, through art, song, and hands-on activities. We would definitely go back, especially when the weather is better. Unfortunately, during our visit to Field Station Dinosaurs, it poured. I mean, it POURED! So our visit was cut short, and we were not able to experience many of the other exciting attractions at Field Station Dinosaurs.

New This Season at Field Station Dinosaurs

  • The River Trail
  • T-Rex Feeding Frenzy
  • Shadow Puppet Show: Dragons to Dinosaurs

Make sure you visit Field Station Dinosaurs this season. The park is open rain or shine from Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM until September 4, 2017. Additionally, if you want to turn your Labor Day into a fun learning experience they are open then, too.  Tickets are priced at a modest $15 for the one of a kind learning experience.

Learn more at

Field Station Dinosaurs
Overpeck County Park
Henry Hoebel Area
Fort Lee Road. Leonia, NJ 07605

Have you visited Field Station Dinosaurs? What was your experience?

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