Following in the footsteps of my idol, I have successfully pulled off “a Beyoncé”. For the past few months, I’ve been hibernating from friends and family for a great reason. I was pregnant with my second child. Yes, you’ve read correctly.  On January 6th, my family of three was now four. This pregnancy was not as forgiving and easy going as my first, and I was exhausted pretty much the entire time. Since I wanted the arrival of my baby to be a surprise, venturing out to my go to hair salon was not an option for me. Thank goodness for at-home haircare services like those provided by Yeluchi by Un-ruly.

Yeluchi by Un-ruly was created as a place to find and curate new hairstyles and celebrate black hair. The brains behind the brand are my friend Abigail Opiah and her sister Antonia.

“Yeluchi is a new at-home hairstyling service currently serving the New York City area. We fit nicely into your hair routine by providing professional hairstyling services in the luxury of your home.”

Thanks to Yeluchi by Un-ruly, gone are the days when busy women like me would have to sit at the salon to get my hair done for what can sometimes be hours. During my pregnancy, not having to leave my house was amazingly convenient, and having the option to feel comfortable in my own space while getting my hair done makes the services offered by the Yeluchi stylists worth it. This was even more appreciated considering the condition I was in, along with keeping up with my rambunctious 2.5-year-old.

Yeluchi by Un-ruly offers a variety of services including: weave-installs, crochets, box braids, twists, cornrows and flat twists.

Just choose the service you are looking for to begin booking your appointment!

During my pregnancy, cornrows were my go-to style because they are super easy to maintain. This is the service that I repeatedly received when using Yeluchi by Un-ruly. I figured if I greased my scalp and kept my hair tied up with a silk scarf at night, it would last at least 3 weeks.

Keeping the busy woman in mind, Yeluchi by Un-ruly makes it easy to schedule appointments. The lay out of the website is clear, precise; it’s very user-friendly. From my laptop, I was able to book my appointment, customizing it to meet my needs in less than 5 minutes! The appointment process allows you to upload a photo of the hair style you would like, which I like. This method allowed there to be no hidden charges. I was able to start a conversation regarding my exact needs with my stylist prior to her coming to my home.

User friendly lay out makes your booking an appointment fast and seamless.

On the Yeluchi by Un-ruly website, the price of each service is displayed, along with details of the service the amount of time it should take to complete a specific style.

Note: For Weave-installs you will have to purchase the hair prior to your appointment.

During the day of my appointment, my Yeluchi by Un-ruly stylist was Kyia. She arrived on-time – 15-minutes early to be exact – for my 11:00 A.M appointment.  Kyia came prepared with all of the tools needed to complete the style I wanted and the braiding hair I ordered from the website. As required, prior to her arrival, my hair was washed and blow-dried. During the service, Kyia was very professional, and made sure to go over the style I chose prior to styling my hair. She went over everything from the length of the braids, the thickness, and made sure, and made sure my edges stayed intact. Ladies, we know how important it is to preserve those edges!

I have to give Kyia props for her patience. Although she was aware beforehand that my 2.5 year old son would be around, she took her time and did her job well. FYI: I do not recommend having your children around when getting a service like this done. Even though this is an at-home salon service, having to keep an eye on and entertain a toddler while ensuring the stylist not only feels comfortable, but is able to do her job efficiently within the allotted time slot was trying. In the end, Kyia finished styling my hair in 2-hours, and I was more than pleased with the results.

My finished cornrows fashioned into a bun!

If you are in the New York City area (five boroughs) schedule an at-home salon service on the Yeluchi by Un-ruly website.

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