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The New Year is about new beginnings and improving on the old. This New Year, I have made a personal resolution to become more organized to make life a bit easier. Thanks to Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers, I am able to do so, at least when it comes to meal prep and keeping my refrigerator organized. As a mom and chef those two things are super important to me.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food storage Containers

The Rubbermaid Brilliance Food storage containers are:

  • 100% Leak-proof Guaranteed – airtight food storage container seal helps prevent spills and leaks
  • Splatter-resistant microwaving with built-in vents under latches
  • Resists stains and odors for long-lasting use

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food storage Containers

Using Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers have changed my life when it comes to meal prep and fridge storage. Being a chef, I’m so used to having an organized fridge, knowing and seeing where everything is. Especially when I have a significant other who can’t find things that are usually right in front of them and doesn’t care too much for my pet peeve and just places things anywhere.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food storage Containers

The Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage container’s beautiful design stack perfectly on top of one another to save space and stay organized in the fridge. This, in turn, helps to keep us honest, and accountable to another one of our family resolutions: eating in more and going back to a healthier menu at home. These containers are a must-have for a neat fridge stickler such as myself.

The Crystal-clear containers and matching BPA-free Tritan lids feature 360-degree clarity so that A. I don’t get multiple text messages and phone calls about where the grilled chicken breast and veggies are and B. I can store the components of one meal in the larger container so that multiple containers are not being used.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food storage Containers

On nights where I do choose take-out (trying not to do this as much this year) I hate leaving leftovers in containers where I can’t see what’s in them. I like that the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers allows me to see what food I have without opening the containers.

I am loving the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers, and how much it is helping my family and I stick to our New Year resolutions.

I’d love to hear how Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage containers can enhance your everyday lives. Leave a comment below.

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Shani, a Brooklynite, is the owner of 71ateChef, and mother of two year old Cayden and newborn daughter Aria Rose . She shares her love of the culinary arts with her clients, friends and family. Oh, and lets not forget her mini chef, Cayden, whom you will see featured in many of her posts.

  • Alia

    I didn’t even know these existed so thank you! I hate guessing games in the refrigerator.

  • Kimberly Thomas

    Storage containers always get me excited! I love that these are clear so I won’t have to play the guessing game…or get multiple texts.

  • Broken Halo

    I’m a HUGE fan of RUBBERMAID products!! My Dad gave us a set of RUBBERMAID containers for Christmas and we have no complaints!

  • J King

    Perfect for meal prep, and you don’t get a bunch of stained containers! Love it!

  • Antoinette Cain

    These seem to be nicely designed and sturdy. Thanks for telling us about them.

  • Kasi Perkins

    Those are some nice containers! I am such a leftovers lover, so these would be perfect for me! And the food looks good too!

  • M Harmon Malone

    Oooh, if I had those, we’d probably eat all of our leftovers, and my fridge would be a whole lot neater. Where can I get those? I need a set pronto. 😀 Nice post!

  • I am in need of new storage containers. They are great for when I pack lunches ahead of the week.

  • Oh these are perfect! I am currently looking for new storage containers because all of mine disappear sooner or later.

  • Ooh, I love good storage containers and could use some new ones. Problem is I keep throwing them out.

  • WE have teens so this would be perfect for healthy afternoon snacks.

  • Danielle Wilson

    I am the worst about left overs since hubby does all the cooking. I’d much rather have these containers because you can see way easier in to them and I’d be more inclined to just grab one and heat it up opposed to playing the guessing game. I’m also loving the latches, I prefer that over sealed lids.