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Our daughter is now old enough to let us know what she wants for Christmas. Honestly, we, my husband and I, thought we had a lot more time for this ‘I want this’ phase to start, but we found out about a year ago, that nope, it’s here and it’s here to stay. And this, ladies and gents, is how we are able to present to you Our 5-Year Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List.

Our 5-Year Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List has everything from Barbie to Shopkins, to beauty items. If you haven’t finished shopping for your 5-year old daughter or niece, maybe her wish list items will give you some ideas.

Barbie Dreamhouse

I try to avoid Barbie like the plague, but somehow YouTube happened, and this girl wants Barbie everything. For months, this child has asked for a Barbie Dreamhouse. Did you know that there are Barbie Dreamhouses that cost well over $500? Yes, $500!!! When I showed my husband, he said “For a few bucks more, we can go to Dubai?” I believe at that time a flight deal had just popped up for around that price, and the following day we booked a trip to Casablanca, Morocco for at least $100 less. Yeah, no child of ours is getting a $500 “dreamhouse”. However, we did find one at Walmart that had a better price.

Barbie Pool

How does Barbie have a Dreamhouse without a swimming pool? According to our 5-year old, Barbie just can’t. Thankfully, these pools are not as expensive as the house itself, but if you ask me, it should come with the house. If we didn’t want our daughter using our good wares as pools, we would have opted to not get her this Barbie Pool.

Barbie Dolls

Our daughter has plenty of dolls, Barbie Dolls included, but they’re all missing one thing: clothes. Why, does our daughter take off the doll’s clothes? If you have an answer please let us know because like Sway, we do not have the answers. She’s requesting more Barbie Dolls for Christmas, to play in her new Dream House and take a swim in the pool. Hopefully, these dolls will be able to keep their clothes.


She’s five guys, five! She asked for a tablet so that she can “…just put anything on it like pictures, play games, and FaceTime people.”  So we know she’s not getting an iPad. Luckily, earlier this year the husband had the honor of attending the Amazon FreeTime Event where he got to meet the Amazon FreeTime team, and learn about the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet. It’s a full feature tablet, that allows parents to control what kids are doing and for how long. What my husband liked about it were its educational capabilities, so he picked up one for her for Christmas. Shhhh

The tablet is available in three colors: Pink, Green, and Blue, and is currently on-sale on for $89.00.


Last Christmas we overdid it with Shopkins. Shopkins toys, games, t-shirts, you name it, she had it. You would think that this year 5-Year Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List would be devoid of anything Shopkins related, right? Wrong! She wants MORE Shopkins. Again, I blame YouTube.


Can someone please explain to me the purpose of these little figures? I can’t for the life of me understand kid’s obsession with these things.


“Stretchers” as she calls them, which I never even knew she knew about. Apparently, a “friend” of hers in another class has a pair. The type she likes are the Twinkle Toes with Velcro straps because “They make you go fast!”

Nail Dryer

My mini me is just like me. She is into girly things, especially things related to beauty like hair and nails. It is no surprise that her Christmas wish list includes a Nail Dryer. I am assuming this will be used for the times when she takes one of my polishes out of my stash to quickly do her nails, and dry them before anyone notices. Yes, she’s done it. To be honest, I was surprised and impressed at how neatly she did them each time.


Proud Mommy Moment

 Even though our daughter requested those items for Christmas, we have subtly been trying to teach her to place more value on experiences versus toys. Just to see where her little five-year-old head is at, I candidly asked her, while she was placing ornaments on the tree, “What if you did not get any toys, but instead, we told you that we are taking you away, how would you feel?” Her response blew me away!

As her eyes lit up, Mini Me said “I would be happy because if I didn’t get presents I would be sad, but if we went on vacation, I would be happy. We will have fun and see our family.”

I then asked her where she would like to go, to that she replied, “I would like to go to Disney, actually.”

Her responses made me so proud. It shows us that what we are teaching her is sinking in! I can’t believe how mature is our little girl, my Mini Me.

What’s on your Daughter’s Christmas Wish List? Is it is as crazy as what’s on ours?

*Disclaimer: Our 5-Year Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List is mainly for our purpose only because as busy parents, we tend to forget. This post serves as visual, digital reminder; however, please do not let it deter you from picking up any of the items off of the list for her ..;joking. not joking:. This post contains affiliate links.