Disclosure: Christmas Tree Brooklyn provided a live Frasier Fir tree for review consideration only. All opinions are our own and are honest.

Being Brooklyn born and raised, it is only right that we jumped on an opportunity to support a Brooklyn-based Christmas tree company: Christmas Tree Brooklyn.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn was started in 2012 by brother and sister duo, Morgan and Dan Sevigny. Dan, whose birthday falls on this special holiday, is the reason this Park Slope Brooklyn-based tree business began.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn’s trees are delivered promptly due impart to its Uber-like digital access model. This web order and delivery system allows customers like you and me use their website or phone number to order a Christmas tree, and have it delivered and set up anywhere nearly instantly. We do mean instantly.

After setting up our tree delivery, we had our 6’ Frasier Fir tree complete with the stand, tree food, and a cute mug all within the hour. The service was pretty impressive, too.  The delivery man offered to set up the tree, something we would have taken advantage of at the time, but we were not ready; however, we know for next time.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn’s trees are priced at $12 per foot. We usually pay more for our live trees that we purchase. This was pretty much a steal.

There’s still time to get a live Christmas Tree from Christmas Tree Brooklyn. If you love the fresh scent that live Christmas trees offer, live in the New York City area, and need a tree in a “New York Minute” picking up a tree from Christmas Tree Brooklyn is your best bet. Also, if tree removal is the bane of your existence, there’s no worries there because they also offer tree removal, too!

Thank you, Christmas Tree Brooklyn for making our Christmas special.

Christmas Tree Brooklyn Gives Back

Christmas Tree Brooklyn Not only partners with Covenant House to provide clothing to those in need, they also accept clothing donations whenever making Christmas Tree deliveries around the city.

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Christmas Tree Brooklyn

184 Underhill Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11238

(347) 474-0079
Disclosure: Christmas Tree Brooklyn provided a live Frasier Fir tree for review consideration only. All opinions are our own and are honest.

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  • Kasi Perkins

    Seems like a really cool service, perfect for Christmastime! Love how it gives back.

  • Giving back is so important. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Zuqueta Elle

    This is so cool. I wish they provided this service in my city. We have switched over to artificial to avoid the clean up!

  • This sounds like a great experience. I appreciate quality customer service and it looks like they have it down to a science. On top of that they give back, so dope.

  • everythingcurvyandchic

    That’s a great service! We normally just go shopping for a tree which takes hours smh

  • Shana Lee

    Well isn’t that convenient. That just make the holidays so much easier.

  • That’s so cool! Our local fire department delivers your tree too.

  • So convenient!

  • Jonna

    How convenient to have a tree delivered to you. That make the shopping process mush easier, and it’s always great to support local businesses

  • Allison Cooper

    I love this! I get everything else delivered in this city, why not our christmas tree? Next year for sure!

  • Ayanna

    This sounds so cool! My sister still lives in New York, so I’ll have to let her know about this. Thanks!

  • Melissa Velazquez

    They seem like a really cool company. I love that they even pick up donations! You’re tree is beautiful. I haven’t had a live tree since I was a child.

  • Love this so much… pretty nicely decorated too.

  • What a cool service. I take the kids and have them pick out a tree. Now that we are in a bit of a warmer climate I don’t mind going out.

  • Eva

    What a cool way to give back! Good price, and it is awesome that they will take it away and accept clothing donations too. People have no excuse not to give this holiday 🙂