We have all experienced situations in life that didn’t happen quite like we had imagined or intended. Sometimes it’s the unforeseen and unavoidable that forces us to change course. And other times we can spot it all coming at us from a mile away and we still end up doing  the opposite of what we’d planned to do. The latter is exactly what happened to Kim and me two weeks ago at Ted’s Montana Grill – the bison focused grill house located in the heart of New York City’s midtown.

See what had happened was we really wanted to stick to the J.J. Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse; especially since we were halfway to the finish line. Five days down of consuming nothing but veggie smoothies (kale, spring mix greens, spinach) blended with fruit (strawberries, mangos, blueberries). Only five more days to go. Trust me we were all set to complete it until a change to our plans came along – a tasty change at Ted’s Montana Grill backed by a worthy cause, No Kid Hungry.



Ted’s Montana Grill invited Beauty and the Bump to learn about its partnership with the No Kid Hungry charity. Ted’s has a wonderful formula for success. The Atlanta based restaurant chain has 44 restaurants in 16 states and truly lives up to its motto: “Eat great. Do good.” Each September each Ted’s Montana Grill location raises awareness and funds to help end childhood hunger in two helpful ways. First, a portion from each sale of the Ted’s Montana Grill house wine (includes by the glass as well as bottles) goes directly to No Kid Hungry. Secondly, Ted’s accepts donations from its patrons. Again, these donations go directly to No Kid Hungry.


Before I give you the details of what we ordered, I first have to give massive props to the proprietor of Ted’s Montana Grill in New York City, Brianne, and its senior manager, Elio. I tell you everywhere we go Kim and I always seem to meet good people; abroad, domestically, and of course locally here at home in New York City. Brianne and Elio were so gracious and took care of us. Plus, they’re all in when it comes to promoting the cause of ending childhood hunger. I also have to mention our server for the afternoon, Assante. His attitude and sense of humor made what would be a absolutely delicious meal all the more enjoyable. Kim and I will be requesting Assante whenever we make future reservations at Ted’s.


Now to the menu. Ted’s Montana Grill specializes in bison but serves seafood and beef too. Did you know bison is a healthier alternative to beef when comparing the calories, grams of fat, and protein? Bison boasts more protein than beef plus contains less grams of fat and less calories than its cow counterpart. I offered you these tidbits and details to make this point: if I’m breaking my green smoothie regiment I’m not half-stepping. I’m going all the way with it and enjoying an incredible steak plus at the same time doing it for the kids. Especially since steak is my favorite food group! And especially since we love the kids! The Green Smoothie Cleanse didn’t stand a chance. Oh well, let’s eat!




The appetizers set the tone of what we were in for. Assante brought out the Grilled Shrimp over Garlic Parmesan Ciabatta for Kim. I started with a bowl of Karen’s “Flying-D” Bison Chili. I don’t know what the “Flying-D” part stands for, but I do know that this was some D-amn good chili. It had just the right amount of heat and all the flavor I love in a fantastic chili. Kim was kind enough to share one shrimp with me. Just one. I took what I could get. But the combination of the garlic parmesan ciabatta and that one shrimp was tasty.



In between the apps and the entrees we polished off the first round of drinks. Kim finished her Montana Margarita which featured Grand Marnier. Kim loves Grand Marnier in just about any mixed drink but the distinguishing difference in this margarita – and all of Ted’s margaritas – has to be the freshly squeezed sour mix. Staying in the margarita lane for the second round she had the Huckleberry Margarita next. Hey, she loves her margaritas. I ordered another Ted’s house red. My wine ended up being the perfect complement to my steak.




I think I heard an angel strumming a harp when my Bone-In Bison Delmonico Ribeye Steak seasoned in a special coffee rub arrived. I might have shed a tear. I might have. A green smoothie was the farthest thing from my mind. I took a sip of red wine and got to work. Kim chose the Crab Cake Sandwich. All of you crab cake lovers should be happy to know that Ted’s one is made with real jumbo lump crab meat. Served with sweet potato fries, it’s the real deal!

teds-montana-grill-bison-steak teds-montana-grill-crab-cake-sandwich-with-kale-slaw


The irony doesn’t escape me that I am here recounting such a satisfying meal with you when the reason for the invite was to highlight the needs of children who go without enough food day in and day out. I am sensitive to the following facts.

One in five kids in America suffers from hunger. One in five kids don’t get the food they need everyday. This takes a terrible toll on their health and development, and threatens their futures in profound ways. No Kid Hungry was created to connect millions of at-risk children in this country to the nutritious food they need to thrive.

The wine we ordered contributed to No Kid Hungry. We also made a donation at the end of our meal. With that donation came a few gifts from Brianne and Elio that we’d like to share with you, the readers of Beauty and the Bump.

Seven (7) Lucky Winners will Win $5 off your visit to Ted’s Montana Grill. Giveaway ends on 10/11/2016 at 11:59 p.m. Offer expires 10/30/2016.

$5 OFF Your Next Meal at Ted’s Montana Grill

Eat great and do good y’all. Be well.

Disclosure: A complimentary meal was provided to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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  • Oh I can taste the food through the screen! There isn’t one near me but what a great cause!

    • David S.

      Keisha, when you do finally get to eat at a Ted’s you won’t regret it. Get the chili. Thanks for reading.

  • I haven’t been to Ted’s in a long while! It’s awesome what they’re doing to help children in need. More reason to support and pay them a visit soon!

    • David S.

      Thanks for reading Britney. Enter the giveaway so you can get a little something off your next visit to Ted’s. Be well.

  • Camesha

    Everything looks so good. I haven’t been to Ted’s. I love the No Kid Hungry initiative. I’ve seen it popping up at various restaurants.

    • David S.

      Thanks for reading Camesha. Ted’s has been involved in this initiative for some time now. I was happy getting familiar with it.

  • Mouth watering! Goodness, I stay hungry reading about this deliciousness, lol!

    • David S.

      Lol. I hear you Latoya. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • This is awesome. I’ve never been to Ted’s but this is definitely a reason to go. I love easy ways to giveback like this.


    • David S.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Allison. I love getting behind causes like this one too. Be well.

  • I haven’t had the pleasure of eating at a Ted’s restaurant. From your photos and description, it looks like a good place to eat! I love that Ted’s has a campaign to help those in need. Great cause!

    • David S.

      The statistics about hungry children got my attention Jennifer. Glad we get to play a part in promoting No Kid Hungry. Definitely find a Ted’s near you and go. The food is delicious. Thanks for reading and be well.

  • Kirstin

    ‘No Kids Hungry’ is a great campaign. The food looks delicious. I may have to pay ‘Teds’ a visit NYC.

    • David S.

      Kirstin go ahead and visit the Ted’s in NYC. The people working there matter just as much as the food does when it comes to a good restaurant. And they have a great team. Ask for Assante. Thanks for reading.

  • Nadeen

    I live in Atlanta so I am familiar with Ted’s! I didn’t know that information about bison vs beef so thx! My husband would love that ribeye! This was all worth breaking your cleanse for lol. Great cause!

    • David S.

      Thank you for reading and commenting Nadeen. I read up on bison before going and the differences surprised me too. The ribeye and that corn medley on the side is official! Your husband would definitely approve.

  • Second time I’ve read about this place, I’m overdue for a trip to NYC anyway. EVERYTHING looks good, God I miss western food! Reconsider that 10-day smoothie cleanse, maybe after the holiday [lol] it’s truly awesome!

    • David S.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Keisha. We’ll get back to the cleanse at the end of this month. We’ve completed it 3 times before and had great results each time. But you gotta get to Ted’s though. Great food! Get that chili!

  • We don’t have a Ted’s on the West Coast. Dang!!! Everything looks so good, I wanted to give it a try!!

    • David S.

      Wow Ty I just looked at their locations. I didn’t realize there’s no Ted’s at least in L.A. or Vegas. But enter the giveaway anyway. If you win, just re-gift the gift card to someone who does have a Ted’s nearby. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Ayanna

    I love Ted’s!! It’s my favorite burger place. Those pickles you at the beginning are awesome. I get an Avalon burger every time I go. I’d break a fast at Ted’s any day.

    • David S.

      Ayanna the burgers are great, aren’t they. Haven’t had the Avalon yet. I’ll check it out the next time we go. I’ll just make sure I’m not in the middle of a cleanse when we do. Thanks for reading and commenting. Be well.

  • Oh this food looks really good! Too bad we don’t have a Ted Montana in our city.

    • David S.

      Hi Stacie. Enter the giveaway anyway. If you win you can re-gift the gift card to someone you know who has a Ted’s in their city. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Melissa Velazquez

    I am not ashamed to say I considered licking my screen. Everything looks DELICIOUS. And I agree it was a great reason to break your cleanse. We take for granted being blessed with eating what we want when we want. Kudos to Ted’s for finding a way to help patrons give back!

    • David S.

      That’s hilarious Melissa! Glad the pics did the food justice. Thanks for reading and commenting. Be well.

  • J King

    I love Ted’s! Lemme get in on this giveaway train!

    • David S.

      We love Ted’s too! Thank you for reading and commenting J.