Press Sample

It’s back to school time, and we officially have a kindergartener! School mornings can be hectic, making it easy for accidents to happen, especially when you are juggling a tired five-year-old, a school bag, purse, water and tea or coffee.  To prevent the worst thing(s) from happening that can slow down your morning, you need spill-and-leak proof travel mugs and water bottles like the ones offered by Contigo: AUTOSEAL® West Loop and the AUTOSPOUT® Ashland Water Bottle.

Contigo West Loop AUTOSEAL® Travel Tumbler Hot

Our family loves Contigo Travel Tumblers not only because they do an amazing job at keeping our hot beverages like tea and coffee hot for up to 5 hours (sometimes more), but also due to their AUTOSEAL® technology.

AUTOSEAL® Travel Tumbler Spill-proof

The Contigo AUTOSEAL® Technology allows you to, at the press of a button, sip on your hot or cold beverage, and reseal itself to prevent leaks and spills just as quickly as the button was pressed. The AUTOSEAL® technology on the Contigo travel tumblers has saved us many mornings when going to work and when sending our daughter to school with some warm mint or black tea.

Contigo AUTOSEAL® Travel Tumbler

When rushing out of the door, which happens most school and workday mornings, it is easy for something to fall, and then spill all over your car and/or clothes.  The Contigo AUTOSEAL® West Loop helps prevent that, which is why we have been using these mugs faithfully for the last few years, starting out with the Premium Pinnacle, and then moving onto the West Loop. Trust us, we would not use any other travel tumbler.

Contigo Ashland AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle

Although the Contigo AUTOSEAL® Travel Tumbler is made for keeping cold beverages cold for up to 12 hours, we prefer using the Contigo Ashland AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle since we are a family that is mostly on-the-go. The clip-on handle makes it easy to tote around.

Contigo Ashland AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle leak-proof

The AUTOSPOUT® technology in the water bottle has some of the same cool features as the tumbler in that it is spill-proof (when closed) and BPA-free. However, one of the cooler features I like is that is allows you to easily access, with one hand, the water via a pop-up straw. With the Contigo Ashland AUTOSPOUT® Water Bottle you will not miss a beat, whether you are driving your kids to school, walking, working out, or just having fun outdoors with your family your mind and eyes will be on the task at-hand and not fidgeting with a bottle of water.

Contigo AUTOSPOUT For Kids

Contigo has not left out the children. There are kid’s versions of each bottle available in fun colors. Coincidentally, our daughter’s teacher sent home a note stating that she prefers her students to have a bottle of water at their desks, which means we are going to have to get our daughter an AUTOSPOUT® Gizmo Flip Water Bottle so that she can keep hydrated throughout the school day. The spout shield makes it perfect for school-aged kids as it keeps out germs and dirt that school kids are known to be around.

The school year has just begun; it is not too late to pick up a Contigo AUTOSEAL® Travel Tumbler AUTOSEAL® West Loop ($20.99) and AUTOSPOUT® Ashland Water Bottle ($12.99) for everyone in your family to ensure your mornings run smoothly this school year.

Do you believe the Contigo spill and leak-proof travel tumbler and water bottles can make a difference during the school and work week?


Disclosure: Samples were provided by Contigo for review consideration. All opinions are my own.