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August is the last chance for most to get their summer adventures in. It is also perfect to deem this time of year, travel safety awareness month. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that Cayden is need of a sibling.:LOL:. Last week, I attended Nissan of Manhattan Diono’s Summer Road Trip Car Seat Safety Demonstration perfectly named Safety and Smiles with Diono.

Cayden testing out the Diono Radian rXT
Cayden testing out the Diono Radian rXT

Diono has a line of baby gear intended for parents on the go; designed to provide safety and convenience for families.

Diono’s car seat safety expert, Allana Pinkerton was on site to demonstrate how to properly secure a car seat within the Nissan vehicles, and to answer any questions attendees may have. Nissan of Manhattan showcased their Pathfinder, Murano and Rouge models with Diono’s redesigned models of its “all-in-one” car seats Radian RXT, Rainier, Radian R100 and Monterey Booster seats, Dreamliner Travel Bed and car seat accessories.

Can you believe it took only 17 minutes to install all 3 of these DIono Radian rXT car seats?! That's from box to car. AMAZING!
Can you believe it took only 17 minutes to install all 3 of these DIono Radian rXT car seats?! That’s from box to car. AMAZING!


There are so many factors to keeping mind when purchasing a car seat and installing it properly:

  1. Selection: Make sure that you are purchasing the correct car seat for your child based on height and weight. You also want to make sure that the car seat you are using is not expired, recalled, or has an otherwise unknown history (for example, a seat purchased used at a garage sale or consignment shop or been in an accident prior to purchase.)
  1. Direction:Premature graduation to the next seat type/size/position increases risk of injury. Children should stay rear-facing in size-appropriate car seats until they reach the highest weight and height allowed for rear-facing by the manufacturer.
  1. Installation of the seat: READ THE MANUAL and check out online videos from the manufacturer. Car seat should be as tight as possible and should not move. Straps should be snug on your child, not tight.


You can take your car seat to your local fire department for proper installation.

Another very important issue discussed was children being left in cars. There have been so many unfortunate instances this summer alone. Being a parent is stressful, and sometimes it is easy to forget things, especially if the child is super quiet because they’ve fallen asleep, but we must remember to check to make sure our kids are not left in our cars. Children’s bodies overheat easily, and infants and children under 3 years old are at greatest risk for heat-related illness.

The simplest way to avoid such tragedy is, Look before you lock. Make it a routine every time you enter and leave your car. Put something in the back, like your purse or wallet, that will make you remember to check.

Being a first time mom, I had so many unanswered questions about installing a car seat, when we should transition from rear to forward facing, what’s more important weight or height etc. Allana was very informative and her safety tips provided answers to my questions.

The Radian RXTRainierRadian R100 and Monterey Booster seats, Dreamliner Travel Bed are priced at $359.99, 279.99, 119,99, and $59.99, respectively.

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What questions did you have being a first time mom and installing your car seat for the first time?

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  • Minority Report

    So time goes on, there is more and more to be concerned about! Either in the past they just didn’t care and kids were more resilient or hindsight is 20/20 and we have created a future where these safeguards are needed. Either way, I thank God for car clinics and firehouses. I was so nervous when my son was an infant, I had his car seat checked 3 times. He was a premie and my greatest fear was him sliding out of his over-sized car seat!

  • I am in the market for a new car. I am highly considering a Nissan!!!

  • That’s awesome that 3 car seats fit! Great post that can help so many new moms!

  • What 17 minutes?! I put my daughters car seat in the car in less than a minute but I definitely feel like I could be doing something wrong. I’ve got a second baby on the way and I definitely want to have my boyfriend go get it checked to make sure it’s installed correctly. My dad installed my first babies car seat and he did a great job so I really never had any questions but this time around I definitely want to do my double check since it’s my boyfriends first child

  • Kirstin

    I hope Nissan and other auto makers hold similar events across the country. We carry our most precious cargo in our cars and the proper car seats are very important.

  • They need more of these clinics to give parents a bit of advice and peace of mind when purchasing cars for a growing family.

  • I never knew clinics like this even existed and I have owned 7 Nissan’s. Great info!!!

  • Tiffany Heard

    Glad they have programs that help you safely install car seats! Also happy you mentioned about parents leaving children in hot cars. Its been a rise in these types of death and hopefully they can implement some type of training, tips or classes for that type of issue!

  • I’m amazed that three car seats fit so well in the back of the car. We have a Dodge Charger and my little one’s carseat takes up a good bit of the back.

  • I think it’s great that they have car clinics like this. Plus, it’s super helpful to know you can just go to your local fire department for directions.