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My husband and I have never gone on a family vacation without our parents. The perk of going with your parents is free babysitting. However, in April, we took the chance and drove 2+hours with our two toddlers, and 12 year old niece who turned out to be our saving grace with our boys. We spent four(4) days in the Poconos, and concluded our Pennsylvania family getaway with a visit to Sesame Place.

Wyndham Shawnee Village

During our visit to the Poconos, we stayed at the Wyndham Shawnee Village. It has a very cute setup. The rooms look like cabins, except you didn’t feel like you were roughing it while you were there.

When traveling with our kids, having a hotel with a kitchen is a must, and thankfully our room at the Wyndham Shawnee Village was equipped with one. Off to the local Walmart we went to pick up groceries to cook, but since we were out for the majority of the day during our trip, we wound up eating fast food instead. But don’t think for a second that the food we bought went to waste because it didn’t. Whatever groceries we didn’t use came right back home to New York with us.

Split Rock H2O Water Park

I love deals, especially since our little family of four is growing so deals are a must, which is why we purchased a groupon for the indoor H2O Water Park that’s on the grounds of Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony. Our boys had a blast literally and figuratively. It was a very family-friendly water park, and to make things even better, the water was heated. Even though we went for spring break, the outside temperature felt like fall so the heated water park amenities came in handy.

Pocono Sesame Place Family Getaway


On the second day of our trip we visited the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm. I am not an animal lover but I like reptiles. My boys liked looking at the snakes. They loved being able to feed the goats and monkeys. We even saw a bear that hailed from the Poconos. Apparently, the Poconos has a lot of them. I am happy to say the bear that we encountered was caged.

Pocono Snake and Animal Farm Boys Snake and Animal Farm

On our third day we stayed on the resort and did activities at the resort. The kids played dodgeball, went to a coloring and cartoon session, and the arcade.  We also spent hours in the pool.After indulging in all of those activities, we were all exhausted. So much so that each night we returned to our room, we ran to our beds. Guess what? The boys didn’t even put up a fight!

On our last day in the Pennsylvania, we decided to troop to Sesame Place since we purchased half price tickets from Groupon. The one and a half hour drive wasn’t too long, and the scenery made it enjoyable. But, at last, we made it to Sesame Place.

Sesame Place Family Photo with T-shirts

Since I’m the type of mom who is always prepared, I purchased Sesame Street t-shirts for my family and myself. My goal is to be a frugal, but fun mom, and I accomplished that on this trip. I think we all looked cute in our t-shirts, especially in family photos.

The weather cooperated while at Sesame Place; however, the water rides weren’t open. Sesame Place, although known for its water rides also has rollercoasters, and my two year old enjoyed his first during our visit there. Yay for firsts! My one year old, although too small to get on most rides, did enjoy and love the parade and the Elmo the musical show. Sesame Place also caters to the smaller children like my one year old by having a play area especially designed for kids my children’s age.

Boys Sesame Place Ride

Sesame Place was a fun way to end our mini family vacation. We danced, played and ate, and to my surprise Sesame’s café food was decent. Everyone enjoyed himself or herself during our trip, which places a smile on both my heart and face.

I know when people think of the Poconos they think of romance, but our experience during this trip proves that it is also family-friendly. I can also say that because my husband took the time to plan our trip, I fell in-love with him even more.

Remember to check my favorite site, TripAdvisor for reviews on the places mentioned in this post, oh and you can also book hotels directly through the site.

This post was written by Cherisse P. She’s a teacher, and married mom of two little boys with one more on the way.

What activities do you plan for your family getaways?

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  • The kids are adorable and YES to the kitchen at the hotel. I love being able to have control over my food when I travel.

  • Valerie Robinson

    The kids are so cute! When we travel as a family, I am always pushing for that kitchenette. Glad it all worked out. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves

  • Kalilah Wright

    What a great read!!! Risse looks great! I’d love to go here with the family!

    • doesn’t she. Love the kiddies. I have to go there this summer myself.

  • Eva

    What a great looking family! I love having a kitchen when I travel, especially with three kids – eating out blows the budget. Looks like a good time was had by all 🙂

  • It looks like a good time. We’ve never been to the Poconos or Sesame Place. My youngest is 4, not sure if she is still in the best age group to go for a visit. The shirts are so cute.

  • Donna Shana

    I dont know anything about the Poconos other than what you just shared. Seems like I should add it to my bucket list

  • I’ve never been to Sesame Place, but I’m sure my niece would love it. Adorable kids!

  • Melissa Velazquez

    First, you have a beautiful family 🙂 Second sounds like a great trip. I love heated pools. I can lie and say I love them so my three year old is more comfortable but really it’s for me lol.

  • foodfashionandflow

    Such adorable photos and it looks like such a great get away for the family. I love having a kitchen when I travel. Its always a plus even though I tend to dine out quite often while traveling.

    • Thank you. It definitely is a great getaway for families, and it’s an easy ride from NY/NJ.

  • Kirstin

    Cute kids! A suite with a kitchen is definitely a plus but I never like to over spend on food cause I know my nephews will want to eat out (lol). But having a place for snacks and to make breakfast is a plus. Love Sesame Place!

    • Thank you! They’re sweet! I like to have the option of cooking and/or eating out because sometimes kids like what they like and it sometimes can’t be found or made the same outside. Ya know?

  • MommieKnowsfresh

    Great post! I’m planning a trip to Sesame Place with my family and this post was very helpful.

    • You are? When are you thinking about going?

  • Kemkem

    Oh your kids are so adorable 🙂 . I can understand the need for a kitchen, especially when traveling with kids. Even though it’s just 2 of us when we travel, l love a microwave and coffee machine etc. in the hotel room. This looks like it was a great getaway.