Lately, I’ve wanted to get to know more about my family history. I know that my parents are from the South as in South Carolina, but we do not have records tracing our history back further past their grandparents – my great grandparents. To close the gap, and get a better grasp on our roots, I purchased an AncestryDNA kit.

After nearly two months of waiting for my AncestryDNA results I now have a glimpse into what is my true ethnicity.  Below are my Ancestry DNA results.

Ancestry DNA Ethnicity

As a person whose parents and grandparents are from South Carolina, and has stories of cotton picking, and share cropping, it was evident that African roots are well within my DNA. However, with Africa being such a large continent, it is pretty hard to pinpoint the regions.

ancestrydna ethnicity map

The AncestryDNA results showed that I’m 85% African, with Cameroon/Congo (27%) and Nigeria (19%) being the most prominent, followed by Senegal (14%), and Benin/Togo (10%), and with other trace African regions making up the rest of the 85%.

Fun Facts: I share Cameroonian roots with famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Common, Erykah Badu, Don Cheadle, Roberta Flack, Taraji P. Henson, Blair Underwood, Quincy Jones, Condoleeza Rice, Chris Rock, Nate Parker, and more.

What about the other 15%?

My AncestryDNA results show that the other 15% of my ethnicity is inclusive of European regions like Ireland (5%), Western Europe (3%), Scandinavia (3%), Iberian Peninsula (2%), and a few others that made up less than 1% of my DNA. After speaking with my family, we all came to the conclusion that these traces of DNA are more than likely a result of the slave trade, especially since most of the African regions that make up my ethnic background are coastal areas.

Ancestrydna Ethnicity map europe

I have the results, now what?

All before my travels were based off of deals and a bucket list of places that I wanted to explore either because I thought they were beautiful, I wanted to learn and immerse myself in the culture just because. I, of course, also travel for fun, or just to get away and rest. Now, with knowing my roots I can now travel with a purpose.  I can begin to know and learn more about my family’s history and roots, and visit the place from where our ancestors came. It should be pretty interesting.

Thanks to AncestryDNA, my travel bucket list has grown. I’ve now added Cameroon and Nigeria to the list pending the travel warnings. I’ve also added a few of the trace European regions. Visiting South Africa was always on my travel bucket list, but Central Africa wasn’t really on my radar, but now it is.

I purchased the AncestryDNA kit from for $99.

Would you use AncestryDNA to help guide your travels?

Do you travel with a purpose?



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  • Eva

    Wow! I would love to do something like this! I think I’d want to get it done for the kids too…

  • Camesha

    My husband and I did this as well. I had a large percentage from Cameroon as well ( hey cousin! lol) I met a woman from the region and we are planning to meet for lunch so I can learn more from her first hand.

  • Kay’s Ways

    I’ve been saying I wanted to do this for the longest. My parents are from the Carolinas too (my Dad South and my mom North) but the most I know is my grandparents. Definitely would love to know the roots.

  • Valerie Robinson

    This is super cool! I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time! Now I am more convinced that I will follow through! I bet it feels good to have some insight :).

  • I’ve been wanting to do this! Thanks for the reminder. My mom did one with Ancestry a few months ago and we found origins as far as Papua New Guinea (Both my parents are Trinidadian). We knew we had African, Irish and Indian ancestry, but that was definitely mind blowing. I’ve always said I’d travel to those areas to get an idea of my “roots”. I recently did a trip to Barbados because my dad’s grandmother had family from there.

  • I watched the ladies on The Real get theirs done; and I want one done so bad. I have no idea where my people are from. So freaking cool.

  • Antoinette Cain

    Very interesting. For a while, I have been wanting to get this sort of testing done. It’s eye-opening to say the least.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I’ve been wanting to have this done. My family tree is cut off all over the place, so no one really knows this kind of information, or even a small inkling. My dad was adopted, as was my grandmother on my mom’s side.

  • This has me intrigued. I dont know much about my ancestry for many reasons, it would be interesting to find out more about my ancestral background.

  • I’ve always wanted to do a ancestry dna. I know quite a bit about my mother’s side. Never thought to use it as a way to travel though.

  • Wow what a fabulous concept! We think each of us has a certain background and the truth is quite different. P.S. Love your new logo and banner.

  • Tia

    I do not always travel with a purpose, sometimes it is just to relax, have fun or explore food. I have not yet been to any of the countries in Africa but I have a strong desire to do so. Having ancestry results would definitely make my trip more meaningful.

  • I have actually always wanted to do this!

  • I will be honest…every Ancestry DNA is traced back to majority of the Cameroon tribe. That just cannot be…I dunno I am kinda skeptical of that hyposis alone. I am telling you every African American I see take it Cameroon. But what I will say whether the test is 100% accurate or not I am happy you lookup up you roots. I am traveling more as well and I am desperately seeking my roots. I want to trace my DNA as well.

  • My family is also mostly from South Carolina and we do not specifically know exactly what regions in Africa we hail from. I am very interested in knowing more specifically where everyone comes from and I am looking through various dna options 😀

  • MommieKnowsfresh

    This was such a great post! I have always wanted to trace my DNA and you have inspired me. Unfortunately my family is like yours and our history of our lineage doesn’t go very far.

  • This was so awesome! Being able to trace your roots to so many incredible places must be awesome…I would try it to see how deep in Africa my roots are…I was born in West Africa but do my ancestors come from other areas? I am so curious now….

  • Tia Chambers

    Wow this is awesome! I haven’t traveled to find my roots in the past but this tool will definitely guide some of my future international trips.

  • This is SO COOL. I really want to do this. IDK if it would make me travel but I’m such a Heinz 57 mix I’d love to see what’s all going on up in there lol I’m pretty sure I have everything in me but Irish! Maybe I’ll be surprised, though!

    • Even if it is just to cure your curiosity about your background I think it’s a pretty cool tool to use.

  • That is amazing! I really want to know what my roots are because I don’t look like a typical Russian girl. I know part of my Dad’s family came from Israel, but I know very little about my Mom’s ancestry.

    • Isn’t it? I was surprised with the results. You should definitely look into doing it, especially to find out about your mom’s side.

  • Glad you did this… but a little sad because now I cant say “I have Indian in my family” lol..

    • LOL Well, do yours and maybe that hint of Cherokee your mom is adamant about will pop up.

  • marciaf

    This is so interesting. My mother was born in Lithuania and my father’s family was Russian but I don’t know where exactly. It would be interesting to learn more.

    • It would definitely be interesting to find out.

  • My sister recently had this done and we found our we weren’t as German as we thought!

  • Kalilah Wright

    wow this is deep. I would love to do this. this can definitely help dictate where I travel to. very cool! congrats on finding your family origin and history.

    • Isn’t it? It’s cool. I need to figure out how to dig deeper. Some people were able to track down their ancestry straight to the tribe.