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Having a toddler who takes after his dad and sweats profusely if the temperature goes above 60 degrees is a little nerve wrecking. He removes his blanket, socks and sometimes pants to stay cool during naptime and at night, which worries me especially on nights where I feel the need to be wrapped under a comforter. Cotton is touted as being the best for your little ones skin to keep them cool but, the fitted crib sheet that I use causes him to sweat at night. That’s where Bedgear comes into play.

Bedgear Baby Performance Fitted Crib Sheet powered by DRI-TEC technology packaging

It’s great to know that there is a company that offers a solution to my problem. Bedgear, who initially offered its DRI-TEC Technology to adults, now offers it to babies! Bedgear Baby Performance Fitted Crib Sheet is there,

“lightweight crib sheet, powered by Dri-Tec® technology, wicks away heat & moisture, helping your baby sleep cool & dry all night long. Air-X® ventilated panels deliver enhanced airflow while our Power Band ensures a secure fit to your crib mattress all night long.”

Bedgear Baby Performance Fitted Crib Sheet

This concept is similar to one of my favorite sneaker brands fitness line of clothing, which keep your body cool and sweat off of you during workouts.

The Bedgear Fitted Crib Sheet is very lightweight and cool to touch and has a secure fit and grip bands that keep the sheet in place. It stretched well over my son’s mattress and didn’t ride up as he slept which is awesome considering that he moves a lot in his sleep and likes to venture on and off his bed during the day.

Bedgear Baby Performance Fitted Crib Sheet powered by DRI-TEC technology

I actually had the opportunity to test it out for myself because most days/nights, I lay on his converted crib with him to help get him to sleep. Mother nature was nice to us in New York this past week so it was a little warm. I didn’t feel comfortable opening the top window in his room just yet because he is getting over a cold. With both of us in his bed, it kept our skin cool and I didn’t have that puddle of sweat on the sheet that he usually leaves behind after he falls asleep in my arms.

My only issue was that it didn’t fit his mattress perfectly. I tried my best to straighten it out but this was the best that I could do.

Cayden sleeping Bedgear Baby Performance Fitted Crib Sheet powered by DRI-TEC technology

Bedgear Baby Performance Fitted Crib Sheet powered by DRI-TEC technology is currently priced at $39.99. This maybe kind of steep for just one crib sheet but, I highly recommend this product and think that it is a great investment and will keep you from worrying if your child is overheating at night.

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Disclosure: Product provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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