Our soon-to-be five year old introduced me to Disney’s “The Lion Guard.” After watching a few episodes with her, we fell in-love with how
with each episode watched she’s encouraged to be brave.  We were happy to hear about the latest
episode that aired on March 18th, “Follow that Hippo!” where an elephant that admires Beshte follows
him into danger, and then Beshte has to save the elephant. Just after seeing
this one episode you’ll know how courageous, strong and helpful is Beshte the
Hippo who is much like the voice behind his character, Dusan Khalil Brown.
Beauty and the Bump had the opportunity of interviewing the
young actor from Chicago to gain more insight on his role in The Lion Guard,
the challenges of being a young actor, his goals for the future and more.  The interview allowed me to learn about the
movies that have inspired him like Transformers, the Equlizer and the Book of
Eli, and that he would like Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan as mentors.
There were so many things I learned about Dusan during this interview. You’ll
just have to keep reading to find out more.
Fun Fact: Dusan
Brown, if he had a choice of being any animal, he’s not choosing a hippo, but
an albino lion because they are “very rare.”
Beauty and the Bump (BATB):
How did you get the role of Beshte? How
did you know you were the right fit?
Dusan Brown (DB):
When I heard his voice, I immediately knew I was perfect for Beshte. Beshte is
strong; he can help everyone.
BATB:  Has
“The Lion Guard” fulfilled your expectations?
DB: All of my
expectations have been met and beyond. It’s so amazing!
BATB: What is your
dream role?
DB: A very, very
expensive movie where I’m acting alongside Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Kevin
Hart, Samuel Jackson, Michael B. Jordan.  It would be a Marvel type action movie.
BATB: Do you believe starting off in
entertainment so young has affected you in any way?
DB: Starting out
as a young actor helped to mold me into a well-rounded person.
BATB: How hard is it
to keep up with schoolwork?
DB: My grades are
good. I get straight A’s except in Math where I have a B.
BATB: Have there been
any challenges you’ve faced?
DB: I haven’t had any challenges per se. There haven’t been any I can think


During the interview with Dusan, one thing that stuck out to
me most was how wise he is for his age.
When asked what he felt attributed to his vast amount of wisdom at this
point in his wife, he proudly stated that he owes it all to his parents,
especially his mom.  He also stated, “You
have to listen.” From his mouth to your kid’s ears, listening is important. One more thing that stood out to me during the interview with which I also agree is that he doesn’t get discouraged when he doesn’t get a role because he was taught [by his mom] that, ” What is for you, is for you.” That’s something I live by, and tell our daughter often.
If the messages of communication, teamwork and bravery are things you’d like your child(ren) to take in, check out The Lion Guard, but first, check out this clip below.