Disclosure: Robeez or their PR provided product for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.

My son is 18 plus months, and he
absolutely hates anything on his feet.
This has been an issue since he was born. I was so excited when I was
asked to review the  Robeez new line of premier baby and toddler shoes that have a
soft, flexible sole that support healthy foot growth (0-24 months).

The first thing he does when we are
visiting relatives after we have settled down is take off his shoes and
socks.  As soon as we get in the car, he
pulls off his shoes and tosses them to the seat next to him, next, his socks.
Then, it’s off to sleep.
Cayden has been wearing the Robeez Baby Boys’ Classic soft sole in Navy. He absolutely loves them! I have not had an issue
with him trying to remove them and they are so soft.  He even sleeps in them and says, “No” when we try to take them off when it’s bedtime. The inside of the Robeez Baby Boys’ Classic’s are lined with very soft faux fur,
which helps to keep his feet warm during these New York winters (or not so much as of


At first I thought, “He is not
going to keep these on, his feet are going to sweat and he’s going to struggle
with getting them off.”
His feet don’t sweat, and if they had, they would be off in seconds.
He’s also at the stage where he loves to RUN which is pretty nerve wracking
being a new mom with a toddler running on slippery hardwood floors. This
footwear features a non-slip suede outsole, which protects him from slipping,
and an elasticized ankle band, which keeps this shoe securely on his foot.
I also received the Robeez ‘Dino Dan’ Soft Soles in Grey. The website
describes them as, “grey PU, twill and leather baby shoes are designed to look
like a dinosaur with screen printed eyes, nostrils and teeth and 3D head and
tail fins.” These are perfect for the warmer months to
protect his feet and are made with the same no-slip sole as the classic style. He was mesmerized by the dinosaur detail as he just added the word “dinosaur”
to his vastly growing vocabulary.


I recommend the Robeez soft sole shoes to any parent whose child
feels more comfortable sock and shoe-free. They are a great alternative and definitely
protect your little ones precious feet. The Robeez Baby Boys’ Classic toddler shoe retail for $38.00 on their website, and the Robeez Dino Dan retail for $26.00. Also, save 10% on your purchase by signing up to be on the Robeez email list.
This post was written by Brooklyn mom and Chef, Shani H. Porter of The 71ateChef. Find her on the following social networks to keep up with her busy life as a chef, school food educator, and mom:

Disclosure: Robeez or their PR provided product for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.
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