Cold-Eeze was gracious enough to send me a package full of
their Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy products to try out and review.
I don’t know about
you, but the worst time to come down with a cold is during the warmer months.
It’s happened to me before, and I can tell you that it sucked.  I mean, anytime you’re sick isn’t fun, but
having a cold during the hottest months of the year is a bummer.   During the summer you’re not supposed to be
indoors and under covers, you’re supposed to be out, having fun, and enjoying
the weather.  So imagine how I felt
recently when I started coming down with a cold.
I’m not sure if it was due to the change of weather or if my
work environment contributed to my getting sick since it’s like Alaska, but I
was coming down with something.  I was
sneezing, felt fatigue, and had a sore throat, a headache, and slight
cough.  It was definitely not
allergies.  Thank goodness for the
Cold-Eeze products I had on-hand to help rid me of my cold.
When I felt my symptoms coming on, I increased my water
intake, and took a Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Natural Immune Support tablet in
the Natural Orange Flavor.  To sooth my
sore throat I used the Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Sugar-free lozenges in the Wild
Cherry flavor.  Surprisingly enough, just
after the first and second doses of the tablets, I felt much better, and the
next morning, my cold symptoms were gone.
Not all things that are good for us taste good, right?  That said, the taste of the Cold-Eeze Cold
Remedy products were on the herbal side. 
If you are into herbal flavors then the Cold-Eeze would be a great
product for you.  But, I didn’t mind it
since it worked so well for me.  One
thing I didn’t like too much about the Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Natural
Immune Support tablet was that it took too long to dissolve.  The directions advise you to not chew it, but
I couldn’t bear to let it dissolve completely on its own.  I just couldn’t get passed the texture once it
got smaller.
The next time you feel a cold coming on, check out Cold-Eeze
Cold Remedy products to help nip your cold in the bud.
But, before you go, check out this neat little infographic
that helps you determine whether or not your symptoms are cold or

What do you do when you suffer from a summer cold? 
Have you tried Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Products?