We’ve moved out of the city to the ‘burbs, which means we are no longer afforded the .:cough:. “luxury” and convenience of “reliable” public transportation;  we had to get a car.  After renting several different models of sedans and SUV’s, the Chevy Equinox quickly became one we preferred over the others so we decided to buy one. Yes, I chose an [compact] SUV as my first car.  As a vertically challenged individual, I like being high up, as opposed to close to the ground, and the Chevy Equinox provided that.

As a family of three, and hopefully expanding, the 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT seemed  like the perfect compact SUV for us for several reasons, including loving the look of the vehicle.  We needed an affordable vehicle that would be able to haul all of our groceries and items we needed to move into our new home, fit a toddler car seat, have enough leg room in both the back and the front for those times we travel, and since I’d be commuting to work, something that’s good on gas.  The 2014 Chevy Equinox was perfect!

Price Range: According to US News, the Chevy Equinox 1LT ranks #9 in affordable compact SUV’s with prices ranging from MSRP: $24,440 – $33,400 Invoice: $23,218 – $31,730.
Below are the reasons why I love our 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT

1.  The exterior
Compared to the older models, Chevy definitely upped their game with their 2014 model.  Boy do I love the curves on this baby!  The 2014 Chevy Equinox looks like a luxury vehicle, but without the price tag.  Plus, I love the color we chose: ‘Tungsten Metallic’, which looks like a dark gray in low lit areas, but, a more navy-bluish gray in the sun.   If that color doesn’t move you, there are an additional 10 colors to choose from.

2. Safety Features
    A. Rear view mirrors
The exterior mirrors are power adjustable, and have an integrated blind spot mirror.  Have you ever had someone cut you off because they didn’t check their blind spot? Well, the integrated blind spot mirror solves that problem.  It comes in handy when I use my “whipping hand” on the highway getting to work. .:LOL:.

    B. Backup camera
 When we were on a hunt for a car, the husband said there were certain things he’d feel comfortable with me having in a car since I’d be driving back and forth to work. One of these things was a backup camera.  I love having a backup camera because I can get a clear view of what’s behind me, and it makes parking and backing into spots so much easier.  The backup camera is not “Beyonce Flawless” since there is an, I’d say, 5 second delay with the display disengaging from the camera when shifting from reverse back into drive.

    C. Hands-free calling
 No matter what, people will call you while you’re driving. The best thing about our 204 Chevy Equinox 1LT is that it is Bluetooth capable, which means I can connect my phone or any other Bluetooth device to the car.  It definitely comes in handy should I need to answer or make a call while on the road while leaving both hands on the steering wheel, and my eyes on what truly matters – the road.

3.  Seating 
What we needed most was something that was roomy and comfortable for the three of us, especially since we spend a good amount of time on the road.  We didn’t get fancy leather or heated seats in our 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT; however, we are satisfied with the premium cloth seats that come standard with this model.

The rear back seats recline, fold, and are adjustable.  If you need more room, you may also move it back, which came in handy for us when we moved. The rear console folds and comes complete with storage and a cup holder – perfect for holding mini me’s strawberry milk.

4. Entertainment
Chevrolet MyLink®
We don’t always like listening to the radio, which means the capability of accessing our own audio files on our phone or my husband’s iPad via the system’s 7″ diagonal touch-screen display is a major plus. Our car also came with a free 3-month trial of SiriusXM®2 where we added some of our favorite stations, along with some for mini me, including KidzBop Radio. Other Chevrolet MyLink® features include: an optional navigation system, CD player and MP3 playback, USB port, Radio Data System® (RDS),  an auxiliary input jack,  and an outside temperature indicator.

5.  Key less Entry and Remote Start
Key less entry comes in handy when your hands are full with bags, or lets say, an almost 40 lb toddler.  The remote start is amazing for the chilly days when you need to warm up your car, but don’t necessarily want to sit outside in the cold.  The remote start in the 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT shuts off after 10 minutes, but at least you know you have a warm car, and a healthy engine waiting for you.

6.  Performance
I know some people have said that the Chevy Equinox 1LT lags in speed, but, remember people, this is an SUV and NOT a performance vehicle.  I’ve opened it up to about 90 mph (don’t tell my husband), and found that it handled well at a higher speed even though it did have a small dead zone when increasing to a higher speed.  Also, I did notice that I had to reduce speeds on curves, but again, it’s not a performance vehicle.

7.  Miles Per Gallon
The Equinox averages around 29 city miles per gallon and about 32 highway miles per gallon.  One of the reasons we chose the 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT was due to the gas mileage since my commute to work would be a little under 30 miles each way per day, which is a lot.  I needed a vehicle that was not only good, but, GREAT on gas, which this was.  I noticed that if I drove every day, I can get away with filling up once every 5-6 days, which I don’t think is too bad.

Overall, we’re happy with our 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT.  I believe it’s the perfect family car that offers space, excellent gas mileage, and a quiet, comfortable ride for a family’s commute to work and/or school, or for road trips.  The added safety features and entertainment features are a bonus, along with the reassurance that you’re driving a quality car without forking out the cost of a luxury vehicle.

I’m wondering, what are your thoughts on the 2014 Chevy Equinox 1LT?