My Mother’s Day was pretty decent.  My husband took me out for drinks at a local restaurant, SoCo BK, and then we went somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while.  And then I woke up in a bed full of money. Don’t ask.

I’ve been saying I need a vacation for a long time now.  Finally, God has answered my prayers.  For Mother’s Day my husband gifted me items so that I can achieve “That tanned look.”

On the evening of Mother’s Day, right before I was getting prepared to go to bed, I entered our bedroom to find three nicely wrapped boxes on our bed.  The wrapping paper was beautiful (Papyrus Traditional Handmade Roll Wrap), so I saved it .:LOL:.

The cards that accompanied all three boxes had written in them “For that tanned look.”  Of course, when I opened the first box, and after reading the card I knew it had to be the very product I’ve been lemming over for a long while now, the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder #7.  I’ve written about it on my blog, and on a recent visit to Saks Fifth Avenue, I tried it on recently in his presence.  I was correct.

As I moved on to opening the other boxes I was, hmmm, a little confused .:LOL:. Another card that said “For that tanned look.”  This box contained 4 tubes of L’Oreal Paris Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50 & SPF 30.  Can you say, ‘confused.’  I thought to myself ‘Wow, this sure is a lot of sunscreen.’  So I proceeded to open the next box, with the help of mini me; she just had to open something.

The last box also had a card with the cryptic message “For that tanned look.”  I removed all of the wrapping paper to find an envelope that contained our passports.  Still a little confused, I looked through the wrapping paper to see if I missed anything .:LOL:.  I didn’t.  My husband then gave me some photos of beaches and landmarks he’d cut out of a travel magazine for me to place on my vision board, but minus a description of the place where we’re going.  It’s a surprise.

Over the week he sent me 11 places to rank in order from 1-11 (most desirable to least desirable).  After I sent him my rankings. He asked me to research my top 6 locations on my favorite site, Trip Advisor.  I responded ‘That’s a lot lol’.  To which he replied, “And I trust that you’re exactly the person who will be able to handle it. Are you asking for this to be easier because I thought you’d be able to handle this? Well look away then and I’m sure you’ll have a dossier complete with pictures, names, addresses, and an hourly itinerary for all 6 locations by Saturday afternoon.”

  • Aruba
  • Curacao 2 
  • Saint Martin
  • Puerto Plata
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis
  • Bahamas (Nassau)
  • Puerto Rico (San Juan) 10 
  • Jamaica (Montego Bay) 11 
  • Turks & Caicos (Providenciales)

Before when I was researching places to visit, I’d already looked into most of them on the list.  However, one of the descriptions on the back of the pictures he’d cut out for me mentioned something about “This trio of islands.”  I’m thinking we might be headed to Aruba or Curacao, so my Trip Advisor research has focused on those two.  Both are on my travel bucket list.  I will be happy going to either location.  Now, I have to whip my body into shape so that I can wear a thong bikini.

The best part about this is I will not have my period! Yay lol. Maybe baby #2 will be made during this trip? Who knows?

If you’ve ever been to any of these places, please let me know what are your favorite things to do there, and places to eat.

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