Last cycle, which was my second medically stimulated cycle,
was not a success. .:Womp Womp:. Just to recap, I was on 5 mg of Femara last
cycle with an HCG trigger, and the cycle prior to that I was on 2.5 mg of
Femara with no trigger shot.  After
reviewing my chart, my RE was not satisfied with the results of the Femara – it
only produced one good egg, which I’d normally produce on my own – she decided
to take me off of Femara, and start Clomid.

It’s funny my RE changed my medication since I received a
letter from my prescription coverage company stating I have exceeded my fills
of in-store prescriptions for that particular medication; therefore, I would have
to receive a 30-day supply via mail order. 
Good timing? Maybe or not considering Clomid (Clomiphene) is not covered
by my prescription drug coverage plan; they don’t cover fertility
medications.  Look at how God is set up:
I was able to pay only $18 out of pocket for the Clomid at Target.  I’ve read at how much fertility medications
can cost people, so $18 is great.

I’m on 50 mg of Clomid at night for 5
days (CD3-CD7).  It serves the same
purpose as the Femara, except that the Clomid allows for the production of more
follicles/eggs, and the Femara allows for the production of better
follicles/eggs. More eggs mean more chances for the sperm to fertilize at least
one or more of the eggs.  To increase our chances, the RE is going to try Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) this cycle, too since it’s been a year of trying without a full term pregnancy.

I asked my RE about the side effects of Clomid that I’ve read about, and was told that truthfully, she’s able to see who can handle it and who can read a ton of things on the internet and scare themselves into thinking they’re having some kind of adverse reaction, and from dealing with me the last few years, she can tell that I am not one of those people .:lol:.  Seriously, after only taking it one night, I didn’t experience anything.  No hot flashes, no breakdowns… nothing.  I pray it stays that way. She did warn me, however, that if I now feel when I ovulate, I will feel it even more now.  Lord, help me! My O pains (Mittelshmerz) are the worst.

Update: At night, I’ve started experiencing hot flashes, as well as frequent urination.

I don’t know what happened last cycle.  My chart looked great, and according to Fertility Friend everything was timed well, except for O day when the husband just had to go out to watch a game. I knew that I wasn’t pregnant around CD22-25 when I didn’t see a temperature dip that I’ve seen previously in my chart where I was pregnant.

One week after starting Clomid, I go back for a follicle scan, and hopefully I have at least four or more good sized (19 mm or larger) follicles.

Big thanks to everyone who has shown their support either via text, email or by commenting on these posts.  I really appreciate it.  It helps a lot.  It makes going through this process a little bit easier.

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