Last week (see post) I mentioned how I planned a birthday brunch for my birthday, but, due to Hurricane Irene, that didn’t go down until September 10th. Now, for a month now my husband’s been planning a trip for us to go to Six Flags Great Adventure’s. Unfortunately, due to Irene, he couldn’t take me; however, this weekend was such a nice weekend, we ended up going yesterday.  At first, when he first tried taking me I didn’t know where we were going.  He just said to bring the battery pack for the pump, and he’ll worry about the rest.  This weekend, I kind of knew where we were heading because I overheard my sister’s boyfriend ask him if we made it to Great Adventures one day we were going to go but the car shut down. What I didn’t know was he invited all of my friends!

Yesterday morning we headed out, and stopped to get bagels from Bergen Bagel.  My sister tried to trick me and pretend she just wanted a bagel, and get dropped home so she can watch the baby while we were away.  Ha! To make sure their little plan to trick me went smoothly, my husband continued driving to the city with my sister in the car, and said “Ooops, I totally forgot you were in here.” Yeah right!  He did the same after we stopped at Starbuck’s and headed through the Holland Tunnel.  I was like, ‘there is no way you forgot her in the car again, and she didn’t say anything when you were riding through the tunnel.’  They explained it away.  My husband saying he was just too excited to get on the road, and get to where we’re going.  My sister saying she wasn’t paying attention, she was looking at her phone.  Suuuuure! You can’t fool me!

We ended up getting to Jackson, NJ, and I asked if we were going to Six Flags.  My husband said “No, do you want Sabrina’s?”  Sabrina’s is a restaurant in Philadelphia that has amazing stuffed french toast (see post).  I just ate a bagel with lox and cream cheese, why would I want to eat again so soon?  We got off at the Six Flags Exit. He tried to make it seem like he wasn’t going to make the turn into the park to sike me out, but, he went in.  I was beaming!  I wanted to go through the Safari, but he said we didn’t have time. .:WOMP WOMP:. We pulled into a parking spot, I got my stuff together so I can pump before we got into having fun. Next thing I know, I’m looking around for my husband, and he was gone.  My sister claimed she didn’t know where he went.  Two minutes later I looked up and saw my best friend’s car with my cousin, and other two friends sitting inside.  My best friend yelled “Surprise Kimmy!”  I was like wow! I didn’t know this part.  The funny thing was, I was texting my friend who was there saying, ‘I think we’re going to six flags.’ She replied saying she was jealous and to have fun.  I was like ‘You Lied to MEEEE!’ lol


We had fun though. It was a nice little break.  Plus, I’ve been dying to go for the last three years. We rode the Green Lantern 1st, then El Torro (scariest), then Superman, then Bizarro (formerly Medusa) and lastly, Nitro.  King Da Ka was closed.  I’m not sure if I had the heart to ride it anyway.  We plan to go back for fright fest so hopefully it will be open then.

Special thanks to my husband (you’re the best) for orchestrating this, and to everyone that came. Love you guys.