Every pregnancy is different. It can be uneventful or scary. I'm sharing 5 Things I Experienced During This Pregnancy like having a short cervix & a bleed.

5 Things I Experienced During This Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different. Some are easy and uneventful. While some pregnancies can be hard physically, mentally and emotionally. This pregnancy, although I dealt with everything that was thrown at me with grace, it wasn’t at all easy. I am sharing 5 Things I Experienced During this Pregnancy.   RELATED: My Experience Being 35 and […] Read more…

If you're 35+ and worried about being pregnant, check out my personal experience with being 35 years old and pregant. You'll be surprised!

My Experience Being 35 and Pregnant

Remember in my announcement post I shared that I tried my best to become pregnant before I hit 35 years old? Even though I did get pregnant at 34, I am giving birth when I am 35 years of age; therefore, I fall into this ridiculous medical category of being of “advanced maternal age.” That […] Read more…

Gift Guide: The Best Gifts to Buy an Expecting Mom

Everyone is usually excited that a new baby is on the way. Sometimes in that excitement, the expecting mom is forgotten. Remember, she should feel special too. Pregnancy is at times stressful and can come with its highs and lows. Why not make an expectant mom feel great by treating her to something nice like […] Read more…

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