What causes short cervix or cervical insufficiency

I was diagnosed with a short cervix. What does it mean?

Did you recently find out that you have a short cervix? If so, you’re probably wondering what that means for you. When a woman has a shorter cervix (cervical insufficiency), it can dilate a lot easier, putting babies at risk when the mother is pregnant. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy […] Read more…

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I'm sharing Books to Help You Grieve Through Pregnancy, miscarriage, and Infant Loss.

10 Books to Help You Grieve Through Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Studies show that Black women experience pregnancy loss, including miscarriages, at higher rates than White women. However, miscarriage is a taboo topic of discussion within the Black community. Due to this, it has always been hard for me to discuss my experience with pregnancy loss with family and friends. It was fear of being judged […] Read more…

Here are skincare ingredients to avoid when pregnant or breastfeeding to maintain glowing skin without risking the health of your baby.

Skincare Products to Avoid during Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Trying to Conceive

When breastfeeding or pregnant, it’s essential to be mindful of ingredients in the products you’d typically use. Most women have specific skincare products they use to keep their skin healthy and hydrated, including a facial cleanser, toner, topical ointment, and moisturizer. However, not all products contain the best ingredients, and some of those ingredients aren’t […] Read more…

You may be looking for reasons to choose an unmedicated birth. Personally, it is something I would do again.

Considering Unmedicated Birth? Here Are 7 Reasons You Should

Creating your birth plan can be a fun and exciting experience. If you’re to the point in your pregnancy when you are ready to put your plan to paper (around 32-36 weeks), congratulations! You’re almost there. Let’s talk about reasons to choose an unmedicated birth.  Related: I Would Do It Again! My Unmedicated Birth Story […] Read more…

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