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When it comes to life with babies and young children one of the best things you can do is always have a diaper bag ready that’s equipped to handle anything while you’re out and about. Packing a diaper bag can be a bit frustrating, especially if you are a new mom and you are unsure of the essentials needed to make your days out with your baby smoother. These 10 diaper bag essentials will have you ready to dash out the door whenever the mood strikes.

Packing a diaper bag can be a bit frustrating. These 10 diaper bag essentials will have you ready to dash out the door whenever the mood strikes.

Diapers and Wipes

Every mom knows that of course, we cannot leave the house without diapers and wipes. However, it is important to change the sizes of the diapers in your diaper bag to accommodate your growing baby. Additionally, when you return home from a day out, replace any diapers you’ve used for the day with new diapers so you are prepared for the next outing with baby.

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Keep Everything Sanitized

One of the most important items in my diaper bag is the hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. This helps you prevent spreading germs to your baby while out and about, gives you something to help keep others from getting your baby sick when you run into friends and family. Most importantly sanitizer allows you to clean your hands and any surface areas before and after a diaper change even if that diaper change is in the back of your car in the parking lot.

Keep a Lightweight Blanket Handy

A lightweight blanket can be very useful. From keeping your baby warm in the refrigerated aisle at the grocery store to using as a cover for nursing or protection from surfaces while changing a diaper. Trust me, you’re sure to find plenty of uses for a lightweight blanket. A large muslin swaddle blanket is perfect for this.

Spare Outfits for a Quick Change

One thing you quickly learn is you always need a spare outfit for your child. From snack disasters to blowout diapers it never hurts to have extra clothes for your child. Update this outfit with the seasons and when your child changes clothing sizes. While you are at it pack a spare shirt for you. Babies can get you just as messy as they get themselves.

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Keep Your Portable Electronic Devices Charged

To make your life easier grab a portable charger box to stash in your diaper bag. This will allow you to have a full battery on your phone while out in case you need to make an emergency call or just snap another photo of your baby.

Be Prepared for Cuts and Scrapes

Stash a mini first aid kit in your diaper bag to give you everything you need to fix those bumps, bruises, and scrapes kids are bound to get.

Keep Hydrated While On-the-Go

Keep a water bottle in the diaper bag in case you or your child as they get older need a drink. Keeping water with you sets you up for healthy habits for your child and when they are young can be a blessing for a nursing mother.

Keep Hunger at Bay with Healthy Snacks

Remember to keep some snacks in your diaper bag. When your baby is young you need all the energy you can get and having a snack handy can help you take care of yourself and your baby. When your baby gets older snacks are a great way to calm toddler tantrums or tide your little one over until you get

Keep Baby Entertained

Be prepared to entertain your baby with a book to read to your little one. Keeping a book in your diaper bag means you can read to your baby anytime you find yourself sitting on a bench, waiting in line or you find yourself in need of something to calm your child down. As your baby grows this will help them become strong readers.