The Friday after Thanksgiving, I went and got my hair done, something that was long overdue. To save money and give my hair a break, I’ve been doing my hair myself, but since one of my 30 Before 30 goals was to make more time for me, getting my hair done so that I can feel like myself again is a great start.  I got a nice layered bob with a swoop bang. There’s some color, too! .:Whoop Whoop:. Honestly, there was nothing at all sexy about my two “Color Purple” braids as one of my sisters called them.

Also, I’m back to my weekly manicures. Before I had no time to do it. Last week, I even had time to have two polish changes.  Right now, I’m wearing ‘Velvet Voyeur’ by Essie, which is described as a chocolate, amethyst, purple.  I love my dark shades during the fall and winter.

Scratching things off of my 30 Before 30 Bucket List is coming along. I mean, it’s only been 3 complete months. After re-reading my 30 before 30 Bucket List, and going over it in my head, I realized there are some things I want to change, remove or just group together and replace with a new goal.  I’ll post a new list when I come up with things I feel good about and are meaningful. So far, below is what I’d change…

A lot of things can be grouped into one, like #’s 1-4 and #11, then #’s 10 & 26 can be grouped together.

#22 I know I do not want to go zip lining ever in life, so I have to figure out what I want to replace that with.

#29 I thought about this, and even started going over things I’d like to say in my head to some people, it just turned out that in the end some feelings were going to get hurt. I’m not in the business of hurting people.  I’m past that. You know the saying, “Hurt people Hurt people.” I believe that. So, I’ll just leave my written notes for birthday cards and such, and replace this goal with something else.

#13 Read at least 12 Books. I’ve read all of the books I’ve purchased, and not too long ago my friend sent over a list of e-books that contained at least 60 books, so I’m confident that I will surpass my goal of reading 12 books by August 2014.

#8 More date nights with my husband.   It’s crazy how ones perspective changes once you have a child. I don’t need to go out for a date. We’ve gone out for brunch, we took a road trip, gone out to dinners, movies etc., and they’re all nice, but what I appreciate most is the quality time.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just 30 minutes or an hour. QT is important for having a healthy relationship/marriage, so is dating your spouse.  You have to keep the flame going. It won’t do it on its own. When you know better you do better.

#15 Learn to use final cut pro and upload YouTube tutorials. I gave up on Final Cut Pro for now. It kept freezing my computer. I think I just need a new one, so I will wait until the 2014 MacBook is released to purchase a new one.  I have uploaded some videos on my YouTube channel: Makeup by Kim Porter – a tutorial and some reviews. I’ll be adding my skincare routine once I edit the video sometime this week. Check it out 🙂

#14 Start a journal. I also purchased a journal late October.  I haven’t been persistent in writing in it, which is probably a good thing since I’m still in a place where privacy is an issue. Unfortunately, it isn’t my husband I have to worry about.  I really can’t figure out how people feel other people’s business, feelings, emotions etc. is their own to know, and then share and/or ridicule. I can’t give it anymore attention than what I just have because I know what it is all about, and it isn’t worth taking my attention away by not focusing on my blessings and what’s ahead of me by focusing on what’s behind me… My happiness and sanity are more important.  I’ve learned that no matter the relationship, family or friend, some people are just not for you. People try to steal your joy and backbite because they’re unhappy with themselves, their situation and/or both.  It’s sad, really. And in my Nene voice: I CAN’T!!!

#16 Turning off my phone when I’m around family and friends is challenging. I’m definitely working on it. But, I’m a blogger. As bloggers, we have to access social media either as a requirement for a sponsored campaign we’re part of or just to engage our readers and increase our readership.  . Plus, when I come home, mini me confiscates my phone so she can watch egg surprise or play-doh demonstrations on YouTube.

#17 Get my drivers license.  Lately, I’ve been driving at least every weekend, I’d say I’m ready.  I still want to practice more.  If I don’t get it before I turn 30, so what. If people have something to say, and aren’t helping me in any way, they can seriously kiss my ass butt.

#9 Baby #2 I know in my last 30 Before 30 Update post I wasn’t going to mention progress or lack thereof with Baby #2, but I’ve already shared the most recent miscarriage and what’s going on since. I think it would be a good idea to update the blog because like I said before, I know it can help someone who is probably going through the same thing.  Plus, I’ve found writing about it is therapeutic for me.

Speaking of babies, one of my readers put me on to My Daydreams by Desiree.  Her situation is very similar to mine. This last post, Babies and Quarantine struck a chord with me in so many ways! So many ways! This post came about two and half years too late, but, it still feels good to know that I was not alone in my situation, thoughts and feelings.

So as not to bore you, I’m cutting off this post here…

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