When I started my healthy hair journey, I came across
coconut oil.  I’ve used it when I’ve made
my pre-poo’s.  I’ve used coconut oil on
my scalp, and to lock-in moisture after moisturizing. And outside of cooking, I’ve
also found some pretty neat ways to include it in my skincare and beauty

Below are 6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin and Hair

1. Hair
Coconut oil is good for dry and damaged hair.  Fatty acids found in coconut oil are
responsible for softening the hair, and keeping it healthy.  The natural oils help prevent frizz and
repels water, too! As I mentioned above, I create my own pre-poo’s, deep treatment conditioners, and scalp oils using coconut oil.  
2.  Oily Skin/Acne Prone
Skin Treatment
Have you ever heard of the oil cleansing method?  It’s a way of cleansing your skin using oil
by tricking your skin into thinking it’s producing enough oil. It can mix with
the hardened sebum in your pores and dissolve it, allowing whiteheads and
blackheads to disappear. Coconut oil is good for this. You slather it on your
face then use a warm cloth or as hot as you can stand it, to remove the oil.
Then tone and moisturize as usual. I’ve also used the Belle ButtersNeutralizing Butter for Oily Skin the same way
3. Makeup Remover
I use coconut oil to remove my makeup; it just melts it
away. I like that I can even use it on my eye makeup and not have to worry
about it stinging or burning my eyes. 
And yes, it gets rid of even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and
eyeliners.   It’s the cost-effective option to my
Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse, and works just as well or even better. 
4.  Skin
Moisturizer/Body Balm
I use coconut oil on both myself and mini me right after we’re
done bathing.  It leaves a nice, light,
natural coconut scent. You don’t need a lot. Our skin is left nice and soft fatty
acids help reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier.  Mini me loves to use it.  She actually asks for it: “Mommy I want coconut.”
You can mix coconut oil with different kinds of butters (Avocado, Mango, Shea,
Cocoa etc) to make a body balm, too.
5. Lip Softener/Scrub
Just add coconut oil to sea salt or sugar to coconut oil to
create a lip or body scrub.  Coconut oil
has anti fungal properties, which make it great to use when doing a
pedicure.  Spa time at home.
6.  Massage oil
Heat things up at home and/or de-stress by using coconut oil
as massage oil. Since coconut oil doesn’t absorb immediately, it lasts longer
during massages., and you don’t even have to use a lot. This takes me back to
when I was in Puerto Vallarta and in DR on the beach getting a massage with
coconut oil.  Ahh!
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be found at your local health foods store or amazon.com. I paid $14.99 for a 16 oz jar. The jar is about 1/2 finished.  I’ve been using this one jar for over three months. 
Do you use coconut oil in your skincare or beauty routines?

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