Here is where I am on our journey to trying to conceive a sibling for mini me. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I
got busy.  I finally began miscarrying on
October 22, 2013, which was just a few days before the husband’s birthday.
.:Womp Womp:.   One week later I had an appointment with my RE
for a follow-up sonogram and blood work that showed my beta levels were dropping,
and the pregnancy was no longer there, which was good news.   Unfortunately, since my beta levels weren’t
back at 0, I had to return to the RE weekly until they returned to normal.  Finally, on November 11th my hCG
beta levels were back to normal, which now meant waiting for aunt flow to
It has now been a little over one week since my hCG beta’s
have been 0, and aunt flow has yet to show her face.  But, if I had to guess by the cramping I’m
having while typing this post, I’d say she’ll soon be here.  What does that mean? I’m back to weekly
appointments at the RE’s office.  Did I
tell you how freaking early the appointments are? It should be a sin. I guess
they’re that early to ensure we get lab results as soon as possible.
During my first appointment the RE will do the following:
  • Blood work to test estrogen (estradiol), progesterone, Luteinizing
    Hormone(LH), and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).
  • Sonogram to check my uterine lining and look for
    pre-ovulatory follicles. The sonogram can help predict the approximate time of
    ovulation and determine whether or not the follicle has truly ruptured and
    released the egg for fertilization.

Once everything shows I’m close to ovulating, she will
prescribe sex, which is fun for the husband, right? It’s probably one of the
best prescriptions he’s ever received.  After that, I’ll return in two weeks for blood
work to check my progesterone and hCG beta levels again, and then more weekly
appointments for sonograms and blood work.  Fun, right?
I thought about temping/charting again, but lately, I haven’t
been waking up at the same time everyday; therefore, my charts would be off
anyway.  Plus, with the RE doing
everything, why add more work to my busy schedule?

I’m feeling fine and definitely much better than a few years
ago before we had mini me.  I guess
having a child to focus on helps.  Plus,
I’ve been keeping busy.  We’ve been going
out a lot, and just recently took a random road trip to Washington, D.C. to
visit the Air & Space Museum and to, of course, eat.  It was really a great time, and I can’t wait
to do it again.  
Do any of you watch Homeland? I love that show!!! I’m about to reference it in a bit. Do you recall Carrie’s drawer full of used pregnancy tests?  That’s a reality for a lot of women who are trying to conceive or have suffered miscarriages.  They take test after test praying the line gets darker and not lighter.  In Carrie’s case, she’s in denial .:lol:. If you’re a serial pregnancy tester, I suggest investing in Wondfo tests.  They have pregnancy and ovulation tests that are affordable.
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