There comes a point in time when you’re tired of buying pampers and changing them.  Once babies/toddlers begin to eat table food, what they release is just downright offensive, so what most parents do, is work on potty training their toddler.  Although it may be both challenging and frustrating for the child and parents, it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

I work in managed healthcare, and we think of things in terms of quality.  I’d say having a potty trained child definitely improves the quality of life for the parents, child(ren), and whoever else might be involved. When your child is potty trained you’re saving money by not buying expensive diapers.  You’re babysitting and educational options are broadened since people are more open to minding a child in which they do not have to change messy diapers.  And, I know most daycares charge extra money for children who aren’t potty trained.

Potty training helps build your child’s confidence and independence, especially when the parent(s) are encouraging.  Don’t yell at the child if he/she has an “accident”. Recognize that learning to use the toilet isn’t something that is learned over night. At the same time, potty training also helps teach the child about personal hygiene, and practicing healthy habits when using the toilet, such as wiping properly, flushing, and washing their hands.

How did my mini me get potty trained?

Thankfully, for me, I had help from my mom.  During the day my mom would consistently place mini me on the toilet using the potty seat that came with the Fisher Price Cheer For Me Potty.  To be honest, mini me hardly used the Fisher Price Cheer For Me Potty, so it was probably a waste of money.  She did use the big girls toilet, and still uses it to this day.

We did not use pull-ups.  I don’t think pull-ups are effective since they still have a feel of a diaper.  Instead, we used the thick training panties by Gerber, which my mom purchased from Target (3-pack/$7.99), which is cheaper than a pack of pull-ups or diapers. If you’re worried about an accident, you can just cover the panty with a plastic diaper cover.  During the day when I had her, I’d just let her roam around without anything on, and that to me, was effective.

I think what matters most in potty training is consistency.  If you’re training do not use diapers, and keep placing the child on the toilet until they can go.  Sometimes, if they feel like they can’t go, flushing the toilet while the child is sitting on it helps.  Also, be encouraging and reward your child for using the potty like a big boy or girl. When we were training we would always tell mini me to let us know when she felt she had to go.  It has helped us in the long run in preventing accidents. I’m not going to lie and say we’ve never had accidents because we have.  And honestly, she will have days where she has tons of accidents, but, that’s part of training. I can go out for hours without worrying about her peeing herself.

Mini me is potty trained and weened from the boob, so I guess I can plan a weekend getaway soon πŸ™‚

How did potty training go for you and your child?

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  • Latoya

    So I’m making my rounds since I’ve been away from blogs for a while! Hey! (waves hi) I tried to buy those Gerber training pants and they are too big! We just put her in panties and hope for the best. We are going through some health issues so that has put a major monkey wrench in our potty training issues.

    • Hey! it’s been a while. I hope everything is okay…. There’s another brand we use, too. I think it’s luvable friends.

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  • Good job girl!!!!
    I’m going to take your advice and not buying anymore pull ups after this package. I was trying to make it easy on myself, thinking if I all I had to do was pull the thing down, I’d be more responsible about putting her on the toilet every XX hours. (which I haven’t)
    I am cracking up at what you said about them releasing something downright offensive! Zoe has been taking her poopy diaper off so that’s why we need to get on this thing urgently. It’s so gross.

    • Oh my! lol I don’t know what I’d do if I had to pick it up off of the floor!!! I’d vomit every single time lol

  • Potty training Moo was relatively easy. I just had to be consistent and make the effort to actually get her on the potty. Now, with JJ, I feel like I’m at a complete loss of where to start when it comes to potty training a boy, but I’ll be dang if I’m not tired buying diapers and reading labels to make sure they’re latex free when the store runs out of our usual brand.

    • Doe she have an latex allergy? God help me if I ever have a boy child. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

      • Thankfully, my daughter doesn’t have a latex allergy. That’s why we were completely thrown for a loop with my son. But looking back I shouldn’t have been too surprised because my older sister is allergic to latex.

        • Hopefully he grows out of it. People do grow out of allergies. Happy Thanksgiving