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Cleaning your house is always important and no one room necessarily takes priority over another. The rooms that get the most use see the most attention in terms of regular cleaning and maintenance. However, these areas can also become more neglected on a day of house cleaning purely on the basis that you are so used to dealing with these problem areas. On a day when I want to get the whole house clean, the last thing that has my attention is another load of dishes. I spend more time on low traffic areas. Usually, the kitchen and bathrooms get some basic attention while my “home office” gets reorganized from the ground up. The bedrooms fall somewhere in between. When I need to really clean the house, I find prioritizing helps me stay on track. Print out my free cleaning checklist as you prepare you home with holiday cleaning and practice these helpful tips ahead of your guests’ arrival.

Print out my free cleaning checklist as you prepare you home with holiday cleaning and practice these helpful tips ahead of your guests' arrival


Target Areas for Holiday Cleaning

When you prepare to greet visiting friends and relatives for the holidays, you need to be more targeted. It would be nice to get the whole house clean, but it could be more efficient to do the equivalent of a child stuffing all of her toys into the closet. Isolate the areas where visiting guests are likely to spend time and the things they will be able to see. Clear everything off of the furniture and clean the floors, using the deeper areas of the house for temporary storage.

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Free Up Kitchen Space

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the holidays. Lots of dining tables are actually kitchen tables, or at least there is space where the family is likely to gather in the kitchen unlike any other area in the house. When you prepare your kitchen, don’t just sweep/mop your floors and wipe down counters. You should do a thorough assessment of your refrigerator and pantry. Throw out the old and make a shopping list of everything you need for holiday recipes and additional food for guests. You should also set aside time to clean your refrigerator and adjust its settings. If guests open your fridge, you want them to have a positive impression. overstuffed refrigerators that are too warm do not inspire confidence in your food.

Renew Your Floors

To save time in the kitchen use a tool for cleaning the floors that will help with wet and chunky messes. Cut out all the extra hardware from your utility closet and use a single device that will suck up spots and spills. I love the Black+Decker Spillbuster because it is the perfect spot treatment for any floor in the house. This works in the kitchen, on carpet, tile, anywhere I have a mess that needs to be cleaned quickly. I get noticeable results within three seconds. Use a device that dispenses a cleaning solution and includes a scrub brush for deep cleaning. The Spillbuster, an obvious play on Dustbuster is the new multifunctioning cleaning tool to prep your entire home for holiday guests. Plus the removable tank is dishwasher safe.

I love the Black+Decker Spillbuster because it is the perfect spot treatment for any floor in the house.

Spruce it Up

While you are preparing the interior of your home, don’t forget to tend to the outside of your house as well. Be sure to winterize your lawn. Rake your leaves and aerate the grass before the winter climate sets in. Give the entrance to your home some attention, including decor. It’s the first thing your guests are going to notice.

Decor is an important part of making your home ready for holiday guests. Don’t simply tidy up your home and spot-treat stains. Add some warmth with a few displays, some scented candles. It doesn’t have to be a lot of detail, just a few accents and highlights will do the trick. Try to draw attention to the warm hearth, the tablescape in the kitchen area, and the festive guest bathroom.

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Print out my free cleaning checklist as you prepare your home with holiday cleaning & practice these helpful tips ahead of your guests' arrival. Win a #BLACKANDDECKER #spillbuste

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