Having visited LEGOLAND California and Florida, it is no secret that the Beauty and the Bump NYC family is a fan of LEGOLAND. When we heard that we are finally getting one of our own – not really our own, but a LEGOLAND in New York – we were excited! We can’t wait to see which rides and attractions are added to the New York location. I am sure you can’t either.


The new LEGOLAND New York is slated to open in the spring of 2020 in Goshen, NY. Although that seems far away, families, especially kids ages 6 years to 12 years old can get excited NOW because LEGOLAND wants you to join their team as a kid reporter!

What is a #LLNYKidReporter?

The LEGOLAND New York Kid News Reporter team is a team of five (5) kids led by Kids News NYC Kiditor-in-Chief, Waverly Winchester who will report on all things LEGOLAND New York-related, even as it’s being built so families like mine can be in the know of what to expect when the park opens. The kid reporter(s) should live within 100 miles of Goshen, NY.

Perks to Being a LEGOLAND New York Kid Reporter

Being a #LLNYKidReporter means you and your family will receive complimentary annual resort passes. Kid Reporters for LEGOLAND New York have access to exclusive events and the park’s grand opening and gain valuable reporting skills and experiences along the way.

How to Become a Kid Reporter

Kids, ages 6-years to 12 who want to be a LEGOLAND New York Kid Reporter can, with their parent’s help and permission, post a one-minute video explaining why they are the perfect choice to be a LEGOLAND New York Kid Reporter to Facebook using the hashtag #LLNYKidReporter or send to llny.kidreporter@LEGOLAND.com to enter.

To learn more about the rules and how to enter to become a Kid Reporter, please visit the official website here.

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