Our first full day in San Diego was spent at LEGOLAND California. Having been to LEGOLAND Florida, we thought we knew what we were getting into; however, we quickly learned that Florida has nothing on the California location. I’m sharing our family’s favorite rides and attractions at LEGOLAND California.

LEGOLAND California Rides Where You Can Relax

Coast Cruise

Coast Cruise is at the beginning of the park. It is one of those rides that allow you to get a mini-break from walking.  We liked Coast Cruise at LEGOLAND California because we were able to “visit” famous sites from across the world like Big Ben and the London Eye, Mount Rushmore and more. It is amazing what can be built out of Legos.

LEGOLAND California_Coast Cruise.jpeg

This is the perfect ride for families with kids of all ages because there is no height requirement.

LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure

We were one of the lucky ones to ride the *NEW* LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure Ride. It was, by far, my most favorite ride in the entire park. We got to ride in a real submarine to search for treasure and marine life. It was fun and allowed us to relax and get a break from the heat.

LEGOLAND California _ Deep Sea Adventure

Height Requirement: Riders under 52″ may only ride with a supervising companion at least 14 years old and 52″ tall.

Bionicle® Blaster

My husband and daughter really enjoyed the Bionicle Blaster. Why? Because watching me get dizzy was funny to them.

Height Requirement: Rider must be at least 42″ and 4 years old. Rider between 42″ – 48″ must be accompanied by a responsible rider of 14 years old and 48″ or taller.

Roller Coasters We Enjoyed at LEGOLAND California

Any amusement park we visit we try to get on every single roller coaster. Our visit to LEGOLAND California was not any different. We rode all of them, and these are our favorites.


This rollercoaster is located closes to the entry of the park in Explore Island and was our first ride of the day. Yup, we broke in our visit with a rollercoaster ride! It is a fun ride with just the right amount of dips for a child our daughter’s age. I even squealed a bit.

LEGOLAND California Coastersaurus

Height Requirement: Rider must be at least 36″ tall. Rider between 36″ – 48″ must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age.

The Dragon

This is a fun indoor/outdoor roller coaster that is fast enough to give you the thrill you’d expect from a rollercoaster, but not so much that a child my daughter’s age would be fearful to get on again.

LEGOLAND California_ The Dragon Coaster

Height Requirement: Rider must be at least 40″. Rider between 40″ – 48″ must be accompanied by a responsible rider of 48″ or taller and 14 years old.

LEGO Ninjago World

The Ninjago area of the park is full of fun activities for kids of all ages. My daughter enjoyed Kai’s Spinners and Cole’s Rock Climb. We all enjoyed the 3-D mini-movie.

LEGOLAND California_Ninjago WorldLEGOLAND California_LEGO Ninjago World Rock ClimbingLEGOLAND California_LEGO Ninjago World Stans

LEGOLAND California Rides to Help You Cool Off

Aquazone Wave Racer

The Aquazone Wave Racer was one of my daughter and husband’s favorite rides (no, I didn’t get on because I did not want to get wet) because they loved the idea of being able to have their own watercraft to navigate around a man-made lake all while trying to avoid hidden water cannon blasts I had fun trying to set off each cannon blast to make sure they got splashed even more!

LEGOLAND California_Aquazone Wave Racer

LEGOLAND California_Aquazone David and Chloe

Height Requirement: Rider must be at least 4 years old and 42″ tall to ride. To ride alone, the rider must be at least 6 years old and 48″ tall.

Splash Battle

This was my daughter and husband’s favorite ride after they got off of the ride because the fun part is blasting the Splash Battle riders from the sidelines. But, getting blasted as a rider is relief from the heat on a hot day.

LEGOLAND California_Captain Water Ride

Height Requirement: Rider must be at least 36″. Rider between 36″ – 44″ must be accompanied by a responsible rider of 44″ or taller and 14 years old.

Free Play Attractions at LEGOLAND California


This fun attraction keeps kids active! They can climb, slide, swing and even play hide and go seek with friends or if they are anything like my daughter, with their parents. We could not pull our daughter away from Hideaways. I literally had to rope climb into the attraction and bring her out. We still had a lot of ground to cover.

LEGOLAND California _ Hideaways

Height Requirement: No minimum height requirement. Guests younger than 5 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Pharoah’s Revenge

This is similar to Hideaways, except kids can launch soft foams balls at friends or other targets. I love things like this because it wears out the kids, which makes for an easy ride home.

LEGOLAND California_Pharoah's Revenge

Height Requirement: No minimum height requirement. Guests younger than 5 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

LEGOLAND California is the perfect amusement park for kids ages 2-12. Our 7-year-old daughter loved it, especially since at 4’2” tall, she met the requirement for every single ride in the park. Guess what this meant for my husband and me? More fun! None of us had to wait on the sidelines or deal with crying because she couldn’t get on a particular ride. We can’t wait to visit again. In fact, my daughter has already mentioned wanting to revisit and stay at the LEGOLAND California Resort

Have you been to LEGOLAND California?

What are your favorite rides?

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