Summertime is when most families are on vacation spending more time in the pool or at the beach. We know because just about two weeks ago that was us during our family vacation to California. It is also the time when pool accidents increase, which can be both stressful and frightening for parents. I remember just last year whenever we would pack for vacation a life vest would make its way into our suitcase for our daughter. These days, our suitcases are a little bit lighter thanks to the swimming lessons our daughter takes at Goldfish Swim School – Garden City. It is because of them that we have stress-free family vacations.

stress-free vacation poolside

Since our daughter has been taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School – Garden City, she has not only proved to us, but to her instructors that she is an amazing swimmer. Remember when I let you know that she moved up from Glider 2 to Glider 3? Well, in just a matter of weeks she moved up to Pro 1, and now, her instructor wants to move her up to Pro 2.

Stress-Free Family Vacation Thanks to Goldfish Swim School - Garden City
Pro 1 Class Description. She just has to master the backstroke before moving to Pro 2.
Goldfish Swim School Pro 2 Class Description.
Goldfish Swim School Pro 2 Class Description.

Both my husband and I, and even our family and friends are amazed by her swimming schools and how much they’ve improved. And she still loves to swim! That is important.

Goldfish Swim School Garden City- Pro 1 enables us to have a stress-free family vacation.

Due to our daughter’s swimming abilities, my husband and I were able to take little breaks to chill poolside to catch up with each other while our daughter swam. Of course, we kept an eye on her and were prepared to jump in just in case. Plus, she swam in the 4′ side, which is familiar ground for her since the depth of Goldfish Swim School’s pool is the same. My husband and I also took turns getting in with her to keep her company until she made some friends. There were no incidents, and we all had fun in the pool. Talk about having a stress-free family vacation!

Below are some water safety actions to ensure you and your family have a stress-free family vacation.

  • Young children or inexperienced swimmers should always wear a life jacket.
  • Make sure your child always asks for permission before going into the water.
  • Never take your eye off of your child while they are in the water no matter how good of a swimmer they are.
  • Make sure everyone in the family knows how to swim, and swim well! Look into the various swimming lessons offered by Goldfish Swim School – Garden City from private lessons to group lessons, and they even have a family swim night so that everyone can safely swim together and have some fun!

Share in the comments how you ensure you have a stress-free family vacation.

This is a sponsored story in partnership with Goldfish Swim School – Garden City. As a brand ambassador, we receive free lessons in exchange for our honest opinions on our experience. All opinions are my own and are honest.