I’ve always looked for a good deal, and deal finding was kicked into high gear once we began saving to purchase our first home. Even now, nearly two years later, I still search for deals whether it is for clothes, household items, or even travel. Where there’s a deal, I’m getting it, which is I like Groupon. I’ve purchased many things from Groupon from gifts for my family and friends, to vouchers for events, and now Groupon is offering freaking coupons! Yup, there’s a Groupon Coupons offering over 69,000 coupons to almost over 9,000 stores.

Groupon Coupons Browse by Store

How does It work? There’s two options, you can visit the Groupon Coupons website while you shop online, search for in-store coupons, or even access the website from your mobile phone for those spontaneous shopping trips us moms are known to do.


Groupon Coupons Target

Groupon’s Coupons site sounds pretty awesome so far, right? Well, here’s a few more pro’s to visiting the site:

  • There’s no membership fee
  • You can search coupons by location
  • Exclusive coupon deals that you won’t find in your newspaper/circular
  • You can set alerts for your favorite stores to stay on top of their coupons

Whether you’re saving for a home, or just like a good deal then you need to head over to Groupon Coupons before making your next purchase. Remember the movie “Field of Dreams?” and the famous line, “If you build it, they will come?” Groupon Coupons is just like that; think of any place, search for it, and it’s there!

Groupon Coupons_Travel

Good luck shopping using Groupon Coupons. You will thank me!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Groupon Coupons. All opinions are my own and are honest.