There’s a question we’re constantly being asked, and that’s “How are you traveling so much?” We answer simply, ” Travel deals.”

The travel deals we’re talking about aren’t what you’d find on a travel booking site. We are talking about travel deals where flights that usually would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, would only end up costing us about half or less of the price. Pretty awesome right? So you can imagine how easy for us it has become, as a family of three and a couple, to be able to travel and knock places off of our bucket lists.  Don’t worry, we’re not greedy, which is why we’re sharing with you how to find the best travel deals.

Catch a Flight Deal

Glitch Gate 2014 

Do you remember the glitch fare that happened on Christmas eve of 2014? Lots of people scored that deal flying on Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi, Seychelles and other destinations for about $187 round trip per person. If you didn’t get it, you were probably mad, especially if a family or friend started posting their photos from their visit. But, that could have been you, too! All you have to do is follow or like the following sites to stay informed on the latest travel deals:

The Flight Deal – Curated flight deals to and from destinations all over the world.

Secret Flying – they provide info on airfares with huge savings to your favorite destinations around the world.

The Points Guy – helps travelers find the best deals around frequent flyer miles, credit cards, and hotel points, including trends, discounts & even free.

Airfare Spot  – Error Fare heaven.

ITA Matrix Software

Search for flights like a pro using ITA Matrix, which is owned by the same company that runs Google Flights. You’re probably wondering why using ITA Matrix  is so special, right? ITA Matrix is like Google Flights on steroids.  You can use special codes and syntax to increase the odds of finding the perfect flight. The only downside is that you can’t purchase airfare; it’s only a search tool.


For those of you who aren’t social media savvy, but still would like to search for flight or travel deals, our favorite search tool is Skyscanner.  Once a deal hits, I immediately use Skyscanner to search the dates that are available.

Whenever someone asks, “When is the cheapest time to visit (insert destination)” I direct them here. Skyscanner allows you to search with specific days or by the cheapest month. You can also search by cheapest month and destination, or for the cheapest destination at that time, which the latter comes in handy for when you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway – for cheap.

Join a travel group

I’m a proud member of Nomadness Travel Tribe and Wandering Moms. I’ve learned so much from both groups about traveling as an individual and as a mom and wife.

Travel Deal Tree

Find a “Deal Tree” to join. You’re probably wondering what the heck is a deal tree? A deal tree is a text messaging group, usually on Whatsapp, where people share the latest deals and error fares. They also collaborate on booked trips, which usually ends up in a large group taking over a country at one time. It’s pretty cool!  I love the tree I’m in.

Travel Affordably with your family

Daily, I post flight deals from New York and other locations on my twitter timeline. So make sure you follow @BeautynBumpNYC to stay updated, and then book yourself a couple’s or family vacation, or even a girl’s getaway.

Remember: NEVER, EVER, EVER call an airline to check to see if an error fare is real. You’ll ruin it for everyone. 

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Kim is the do-it-all mom (and wife) who not only works full-time and is a freelance makeup artist, but also blogs about her love of family, travel, beauty and skincare. Now that she has a kindergartener, Kim has added Class Parent to her resume. These are all tough jobs, but somehow, she makes them look easy.
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  • So many gems in this post! I’ve only heard of a few. I’m off to stalk some Facebook pages!

  • I legit use all of these methods. There is no reason these days people shouldnt be traveling more and getting these awesome deals. Flights are usually the worst part when booking a trip so when you get a good deal its exciting!

  • Valerie Robinson

    Thanks so much for these tips! I’m planning on traveling more even if I have to do it solo!

  • I love this post!!! You know I was mad. Cause I was looking at that glitch and was shouting to my husband GIMME THE CREDIT CARD THIS IS A CODE RED! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. lol. But in the end I didn’t get it and I was hating hard more than 5 people I know went. But it’s okay. Thanks to you I know the tricks nor I won’t miss another glitch =)

  • I’ve gotten a bit better with getting my travel deals. I will check out some of these as I’ve not heard of them before.

  • Thanks for sharing these tips, I really need to start traveling more.

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    Yep. I know a lot more now than I knew this time last year thanks to the aforementioned sites!

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    I need to plan a trip like ASAP!

  • Hubs and I don’t travel much lately, but we used to go on trips every few months or so before we got married. Online deals are the best! Using travel agents is always such a rip off.

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    I’ve gotten some flight deals. I also many who have as well using the above. Great tips for those who aren’t already in the know.

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    Great tips! Being in a travel group has really changed my travel life. It also helps me to have people that I can travel with or meet up in my various destinations.

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    Wow, what great info here. I wasn’t familiar with any of these sites etc. I never heard of an “error fare” before! I would’ve been one of the idiots calling to check it, lol. I am bookmarking your post!

    • Thank you! Sharing is caring, right? Traveling does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The best error fare was the $187/RT to Abu Dhabi and to Seychelles. OMG I bet we’d never see that again.
      LOL omg please no don’t call. I remember in one of my groups there was a person who called an airline. EVERYONE got at him for doing so.

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    Thanks for sharing these secrets. It’s great to live in New York where so many flights originate. I’m bookmarking this page.

    • You are welcome. I also noticed that the West coast, especially California has amazing deals. Atlanta does as well. Thank you for bookmarking.

  • Great tips! We love to travel and are always looking for deals.

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    • There are many. You just have to keep an eye out for the deals.