As a busy mom juggling a full-time job and caring for a toddler and preteen, I often find myself yearning for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. National Relaxation Day, which started just five years ago, is a special day dedicated to taking a break from the chaos of everyday life. This year, I was fortunate enough to receive an exclusive invitation from my friends at Lincoln to celebrate this day in style, with a morning of relaxation and a luxurious lunch at the exclusive members-only Casa Cipriani in the heart of New York City. Keep reading as I share my incredible experience and explore why Lincoln is the number one vehicle manufacturer that prioritizes the well-being of its clients.

I spent National Relaxation Day with Lincoln at Casa Cipriani. Discover how Lincoln redefines relaxation with innovative luxury and well-being experiences. Explore the ultimate in-vehicle sanctuary.

Lincoln’s Commitment to Well-being

Lincoln has long understood the importance of creating a sense of sanctuary and well-being for its clients. The brand’s core focus on the mood and comfort of its customers goes beyond the traditional concept of designing cars. Kemal Curic, the global design director at Lincoln, eloquently explains, “The space that surrounds you has an immense effect on your overall mood, temperament, and how you feel.” This philosophy deeply permeates its products and experiences, setting it apart as a brand that genuinely prioritizes the well-being of its clients.

The Journey Begins

On the day of the event, I was picked up by an Aviator Black Label Grand Touring PHEV, their three-row mid-size SUV, right from my doorstep. This was a welcomed experience, especially since I didn’t have to endure the stress of driving from Long Island to Manhattan in rush-hour traffic. Anyone who has experienced that traffic knows how stressful it can be. Being a second-row passenger in the Aviator was a delight in itself. Lincoln has put a lot of thought into ensuring that the second-row passengers have the ultimate luxury experience, with heated and ventilated seats, rear sunshades, and passenger-controlled climate control. These features set the tone for a relaxing and comfortable journey to Casa Cipriani.

2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring PHEV 3-row mid-size luxury SUV was my ride to Casa Cipriani to celebrate National Relaxation Day.

A Day of Relaxation

Upon arriving at Casa Cipriani, I was greeted with a sense of tranquility and luxury. The day began with an hour of yoga, helping us to relax and recenter ourselves, perfectly in line with the theme of National Relaxation Day. Following the yoga session, a sumptuous lunch awaited us, courtesy of Lincoln. The entire experience was a testament to Lincoln’s commitment to providing moments of calm and rejuvenation to its clients.

Lincoln and Ensuring Calm and Rejuvenation

Lincoln’s dedication to its clients’ well-being is evident through the innovative technologies and signature features in its vehicles. Firstly, the 30-Way Perfect Position Seats offer exceptional comfort. Secondly, the Lincoln BlueCruise advanced hands-free driver assist system enhances the overall driving experience. These features contribute to passengers’ comfort and relaxation.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus
2024 Lincoln Nautilus preproduction model shown. Available early 2024. Pre-Production screens shown are simulated and subject to change.

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Lincoln’s focus on creating a sanctuary on wheels is evident in one of its newest offerings, the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. The Nautilus interior transforms from a “me” space to a “we” space, maximizing comfort for all occupants. Inspired by the horizon’s view, the interior design emphasizes space, balance, and airiness, minimizing visual clutter and fostering a sense of calm and peace. While I haven’t driven a Lincoln vehicle in a few years, I loved the experience provided by the 2020 Lincoln Corsair.

Symphonic Chimes and Perfect Position Seats

Lincoln’s focus on detail shines through in the unique symphonic chimes, recorded by members of the world-renowned Detroit Symphony Orchestra, informing drivers of various vehicle alerts. The signature Perfect Position Seats, offering up to 30 adjustable ways, provide massage, heating, and cooling functions, reducing stress on shoulders and neck, taking relaxation to a new level, drawing inspiration from private aircraft and high-end office furniture.

Active Motion Massage and Auto Air Refresh

For those seeking ultimate comfort, Lincoln offers Active Motion massage capability for the driver and front passenger. Moreover, this rolling-pattern massage is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and promote relaxation. Additionally, the Auto Air Refresh system ensures clean cabin air by filtering out particles, tobacco smoke, smog, and allergens. As a result, it creates a fresh and rejuvenating environment.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus BlueCruise

Effortless Driving with Lincoln BlueCruise

Lincoln’s BlueCruise technology introduces hands-free highway driving, offering safety and convenience. The system is available on several models, including the flagship three-row Navigator, providing lane-changing, in-lane positioning, and predictive speed assist. This innovation allows drivers to relax and enjoy the journey.

Mystic Forest, an earthy blend with rich woody notes for the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
Mystic Forest, an earthy blend with rich woody notes.

Lincoln Rejuvenate and Digital Scent

This year, the new Nautilus introduces Lincoln Rejuvenate, expertly curating sensory experiences through lighting, visuals, seating, and massage options. This immersive digital sanctuary revolutionizes the concept of a “vehicle as a third space.” Furthermore, Lincoln enhances the experience with digital scents for the cabin, providing a personalized sensory journey. Three scent cartridges, housed in the center armrest, offer aromatic diversity. The scents include Mystic Forest, an earthy blend with rich woody notes; Ozonic Azure, a crisp blend of patchouli and bright violet; and Violet Cashmere, featuring crisp white florals. Clients can select from three scent levels using options on the center screen. As a token of appreciation for joining their National Relaxation Day celebration, attendees received a gift of Mystic Forest spray.

Lincoln Access Rewards Curated Wellness Experiences

Lincoln’s commitment to enhancing the ownership experience extends through its Lincoln Access Rewards, an upgraded loyalty program. Furthermore, clients have the opportunity to accumulate points that they can later redeem for future vehicles, retailer services, or unique experiences like spa days, enabling them to prioritize their well-being even more. Notably, during the event, we learned that Casa Cipriani had recently become one of Lincoln Access Rewards’ partners. As a gesture of appreciation and to commemorate the introduction of the all-new Nautilus and its immersive sanctuary, event attendees were generously gifted a 30-day free trial of Obé, in addition to the Mystic Forest spray.

Calm and Lincoln Collaboration

To help clients manage stress and find balance, they’ve partnered with Calm, the number one mental fitness app. This partnership offers North American clients access to premium content, providing a sense of calm, balance, and rejuvenation.

2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring PHEV 3-row mid-size luxury SUV was my ride to Casa Cipriani to celebrate National Relaxation Day.

Lincoln: Crafting Extraordinary Well-Being Experiences

My National Relaxation Day with Lincoln was amazing. From the Lincoln Aviator to the peaceful Casa Cipriani, Lincoln values customer happiness. As a busy mom, these moments mean the world. Lincoln’s dedication, advanced technology, and wellness focus make it the best choice for well-being. They create a brand that boosts our senses and daily mood, providing enriching experiences, not just vehicles.

I spent National Relaxation Day with Lincoln at Casa Cipriani. Discover how Lincoln redefines relaxation with innovative luxury and well-being experiences. Explore the ultimate in-vehicle sanctuary.