Keep track of your child’s likes, hobbies, and interests over the years with this convenient Birthday Interview printable. It’s the perfect way to bond with your child and learn more about them as they change and get older.

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What Is a Birthday Interview?

A birthday interview is a cute printable sheet you can hand over to each child in your household for their birthday. The idea behind this is to have them answer the different questions on the sheet, such as their favorite book, movie, color, drink, and more. As you already know, the answers to these questions will continue to change year after year, allowing you to stay connected with your child. It’s always good to know what they like and dislike because then you know more about them and can bond with them even better than before. If you’d like to see how your child’s preferences change over the years and so much more, use this printable on their birthday!

Why You’ll Love This Birthday Interview Printable

  • It’s super simple. You can print it out, pass it over to your child, and have them fill it out on their birthday, listing all their favorite things.
  • You can save a copy of the printable that your child fills out each year and keep it stored in a folder for safekeeping. It’ll be such a wonderful thing to look back on when your child grows up.
  • If you have more than one child at home, this is the perfect opportunity to see how they each have their own unique personality with different preferences. For example, one may love pizza, while the other loves Mexican or Italian food!

How to Use the Printable

If you want to use this printable, simply print out as many copies as you’d like and set them aside until each child’s birthday arrives. Once it’s their birthday, you can hand over the interview sheet with a pen or pencil and have them write their answers. Depending on their age, this may only take a few minutes. However, it’s a great way to see what types of things your child likes. You may be surprised to see that some of their favorite things are also some of the things you like. After all, many children take after their parents regarding preferences and tastes in food, music, colors, and more. It’s the perfect sheet to use at home to build a stronger connection with each child.

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Why It’s Always Good to Know More About Your Child

We can all admit that we probably spend a bit more time on our electronic devices than when we were younger. However, this can quickly make it difficult for parents and their children to bond. If you’re always on your phone or if your children spend most of their time on electronic devices, such as iPads and smartphones, there is less conversation happening between everyone. While there’s nothing wrong with using electronics, taking a break from them and spending quality time together is always a good idea.

You can also use this Birthday Interview printable to learn more about your child. When they answer the questions on this interview sheet, it can help you decide on places you’d like to take them over the years to have new and exciting experiences. For example, if your child’s favorite animal is a giraffe, you might want to take them to the zoo to see giraffes. If they say their favorite food is Chinese, you might want to order takeout or even head over to a Chinese restaurant with your child for a day of bonding together.

Should I add a picture to this interview printable?

You can have your child draw a picture of themselves or include a small snapshot of them at their current age to the printable. The photo will match perfectly with their handwriting and preferences, so when they’re older they can look back and remember a time when their favorite food was one thing and when their favorite animal was another. These preferences are naturally going to change over the years, but you’ll have it all documented on this decorative interview printable.

How can I keep this printable protected?

You have a few options! You can use a report cover to keep each printed interview sheet protected. The report covers have a clear front so that you can see the interview clearly when you store it away, but it also has three prongs to keep the printable in place and secure throughout the years, allowing you to save these printed papers for as long as you want. If you can’t find these covers, you can always laminate the papers. Lamination is another simple and effective way to protect the printable so that it doesn’t get damaged over the years.

Birthday Interview Printable Tips

  1. Have your child use a different color pen or marker each year when filling out the interview sheet with their preferences and details. It makes it easier to differentiate between the years and between children if you have multiple kids at home.
  2. Put these printable interview sheets in a bin after a while so that you can keep them in a safe spot. If you store each child’s interview sheets in a bin with their name on them, you can give them to them when they turn 18 or 21, or whenever else you’d like to give them to them. They’ll love looking back on it.
  3. If your kids are giving you a hard time about filling out, encourage them by filling the printable out yourself and showing them how easy and fun it can be. Once they see how simple it is, they’ll look forward to doing this printable sheet each year.

Learn more about your child with this Birthday Interview printable. You’ll get to keep track of your child’s preferences and how they change over the years when using this simple yet fun printable. It’s the perfect way to bond with one another while you learn more and can use what you know to offer fun and exciting experiences to your children.

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